Current Tenders

T4.06-4 Media, Advertising and Creative Services

Description: Local Government Procurement Pty Ltd (LGP) invites tenders for Standing Offers to supply: Media, Advertising and Creative Services.

Obtaining Documentation:  Tender documents may be obtained by registering via the E-Tendering Portal:  If you experience difficulties accessing the above website please call the Tenderlink helpdesk on 1800 233 533.  

NOTE:  Tender documents are expected to be available from 10 September 2019. 

Interested parties may pre-register immediately (in which case they will be notified by email as soon as the tender documents become available), or may register and download the documents at a later date.

Requests for General Information Regarding the Tender:  Please contact Roman Rokusz via [email protected].

Deadline:  Tenders close at 2:00pm, 14 October 2019 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Canvassing of any LGP directors or employees, or Council members or officers involved in the Request for Tender process, will disqualify tenderers from the tender process. 


T12.08-4 Professional Consulting Services (Stage 1)

Local Government Procurement Pty Ltd (LGP) invites tenders for Standing Offers to supply: Professional Consultancy Services. 

The Tender closed at 2:00 pm on Friday, 23rd August 2019.  The electronic tender box opening was witnessed as per legislative requirements. Submissions were received from the following 399 Tenderers:

1)    3 Dimensional information modelling 134)    Environmental Partnership NSW Pty Ltd 267)    Oranasoft
2)    33 Parallel 135)    EnviTE Inc 268)    Orion Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
3)    A T & L and Associates Pty Ltd 136)    Erbas & Associates Pty Ltd 269)    Otium Planning Group Pty Ltd
4)    A. Prince Consulting Pty Limited 137)    Everick Heritage Pty Ltd 270)    OzArk Environmental & Heritage Management Pty Ltd
5)    Aargus Pty Ltd 138)    Exhibition Studios Pty Ltd 271)    P A Goldin & Associates Pty Ltd
6)    ACCESS ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING 139)    Extent Heritage Pty Ltd 272)    Paas Consulting P/L
7)    ADG Consulting Pty Ltd 140)    FEFO Consulting: Risk | Health | Safety 273)    Paradigm Digital Pty Ltd T/A Atom Consulting
8)    ADP Consulting 141)    Figgis & Jefferson Tepa Pty Ltd 274)    Pavement Management Services
9)    Advisian Pty Ltd 142)    Fisher Design and Architecture 275)    Peak Services
10)    ADW Johnson 143)    Forensic Systems Analysis Pty Ltd 276)    Peter Andrews + Associates Pty Ltd
11)    AEC Group Ltd 144)    Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp Pty Ltd 277)    Philip Chun BC NSW Pty Ltd
12)    AECOM Australia Pty Ltd 145)    G2 Architects Pty Limited 278)    Phillips Marler
13)    Aerometrex 146)    Gallagher Studio Pty Ltd 279)    Pitt & Sherry
14)    All Traffic Surveys (NSW) Pty Limited 147)    GANDEN Engineers and Project Managers 280)    Plandev
15)    Allen Jack & Cottier Architects Pty Limited 148)    Gat & Associates 281)    Planet Civil Pty Ltd
16)    Alliance Automation 149)    Genium Civil Engineering Pty Ltd 282)    Planit Consulting Pty Ltd
17)    Altus Group Consulting Pty Ltd 150)    Geoinventions Consulting Services Pty Ltd 283)    Planning Ingenuity Pty Ltd
18)    Alveare Projects Pty Ltd 151)    GeoLNK 284)    Point8 Pty Ltd
19)    AMAC Group 152)    Geoscapes Pty Ltd 285)    Powe Partnership Pty Ltd
20)    AMBS Ecology and Heritage Pty Ltd 153)    Getex Pty Ltd 286)    Pracsys Perth
21)    Andrew Nock Pty Ltd 154)    GHD Pty Ltd 287)    PREMISE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
22)    ANTMOND PTY LTD 155)    GLN Planning Pty Ltd 288)    Prensa Pty Ltd
23)    APP Corporation Pty Limited 156)    GM Urban Design & Architecture Pty Ltd 289)    Pressure Sewer Solutions Pty Limited
24)    APV Valuers & Asset Management 157)    Gondwana Consulting Pty Ltd 290)    PROJECT STRATEGIES AUSTRALIA
25)    Arcadis Australia Pacific Pty Ltd 158)    Gran Associates Australia Pty Ltd 291)    Project Surveyors
26)    Architectural Projects Pty Ltd 159)    GRC HYDRO PTY LTD 292)    Projectura Pty Ltd
27)    Architectus Australia Holdings Pty Ltd 160)    Group GSA Pty Ltd 293)    ProLead Plus
28)    Ardill Payne & Partners 161)    GTA Consultants (NSW) Pty Ltd 294)    PSA Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd
29)    Arkhill Engineers 162)    Guy Sturt & Associates Pty Ltd 295)    Public Works Advisory
30)    ARM Architecture 163)    Hale Now Pty Ltd 296)    R. W. Corkery &Co
31)    ARRB Group Ltd 164)    Hames Sharley (NSW) Pty Ltd 297)    Ramboll Environ Australia Pty Ltd
32)    Arup Australia Pty Ltd 165)    Hartecs Group Pty Ltd 298)    Rapid Map Global & Iconyx Division
33)    Ascent Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd 166)    Haskoning Australia Pty Limited 299)    Redbelly Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
34)    Aspect Australia Pty Limited 167)    HDS Australia Pty Ltd 300)    Reditus Consulting
35)    ASpect Process Services 168)    Hector Abrahams Architects 301)    Redshift Architecture & Art Pty Ltd
36)    ASPECT Studios Pty Ltd 169)    Hendry Group Pty Ltd 302)    Regional Geotechnical Solutions Pty Ltd
37)    Asset Geotechnical Engineering Pty Limited 170)    Henry & Hymas 303)    RGH Consulting Group Pty Ltd
38)    Asset Technologies Pacific Pty Ltd 171)    Herron Todd White 304)    Rhelm Pty Ltd
39)    Astrolabe Group Pty Ltd 172)    Hill & Canning Consulting Engineer 305)    Richard Small & Phil Quinton Architects Pty Ltd.
40)    Australian Environmental Auditors Pty Ltd 173)    Hill Lockart Architects 306)    RoadNet Pty Ltd
41)    Australian Wetlands Consulting Pty Ltd 174)    HILL PDA PTY LIMITED 307)    RPS AUSTRALIA EAST PTY LTD
42)    Australis Advisory Group Pty Ltd 175)    Homewood Consulting Pty Ltd 308)    SAFM Solutions Pty Limited
43)    Balmoral Group Australia Pty Ltd 176)    Hopkins Consultants 309)    Sala4D Pty Ltd
44)    Barker Ryan Stewart 177)    Horton Coastal Engineering Pty Ltd 310)    Salients Pty Ltd
45)    Barnson Pty Limited 178)    Hugh B Gage Pty Ltd 311)    Sam Crawford Architects
46)    Bellwether Contractors Pty Ltd 179)    Hunter H2O Holdings Pty Limited 312)    Sanbrah Pty Ltd T/A Parkland Environmental Planners
47)    BETTERIDGE CONSULTING PTY LTD 180)    Hunternet 313)    SARM Architects Pty Ltd
48)    BG & E Pty Limited 181)    Hydrology and Risk Consulting 314)    Savills Project Management Pty Ltd
49)    BHI Architects Pty Ltd 182)    HydroSpatial 315)    Scott Fullarton Valuations Pty Ltd
50)    Biodiversity Solutions Australia Pty Ltd 183)    Hydrosphere Consulting 316)    SCP Consulting Pty Ltd
51)    Biosis Pty Ltd 184)    HydroStorm Consulting Pty Ltd 317)    SGS Economics and Planning Pty Ltd
52)    Bitzios Consulting 185)    HYVE DESIGNS PTY LTD 318)    SHA
53)    BKA Architecture 186)    Ian Reynolds & Associates Pty Ltd 319)    SHAC (Schreiber Hamilton Architecture)
54)    Blueprint Planning Consultants 187)    ICD Asia Pacific 320)    Shared Services & Risk
55)    BMT WBM Pty Ltd 188)    IDSM Pty Ltd t/a Infrastructure Transaction Network 321)    Shepherd Services Pty Ltd
56)    Bokor Pty Ltd 189)    Impact Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd 322)    ShineWing Australia Pty Ltd
57)    Bonacci Group (NSW) Pty Ltd 190)    Indesco Pty Ltd 323)    Shire Civil Design Pty Ltd
58)    BOSUN Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd 191)    Infrastructure Management Group Pty Ltd 324)    Sinique Holdings Pty Ltd
59)    Brandon and Associates Pty Ltd ATF Brandon & Associates Unit Trust 192)    International Conservation Services Pty Ltd 325)    SJB
60)    Brewster Hjorth Architects 193)    Ironbark Group Pty Ltd 326)    SJB Architects
61)    Brewster Murray Pty Limited 194)    J. Wyndham Prince 327)    Skillset Limited
62)    Briar Solutions Pty Ltd 195)    James Mather Delaney Design Pty Ltd 328)    Slattery Australia Pty Ltd
63)    Bridge Design Pty Ltd 196)    James Rose Consulting Pty Ltd 329)    SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd
64)    Bridge Knowledge Pty Ltd 197)    Jetty Research Pty Ltd 330)    Smith & Tzannes Pty Ltd
65)    BTB Architecture Studio Pty Ltd 198)    JJ Ryan Consulting Pty Ltd 331)    SNC-LAVALIN RAIL & TRANSIT PTY LIMITED
66)    BuiltConsult 199)    JK Geotechnics 332)    SOLUTIONS ZANE
67)    Burchills Engineering Solutions 200)    John Brunton Planning Pty Ltd 333)    Space Design Architecture
68)    BWC Safety 201)    Jones Lang LaSalle (NSW) Pty Ltd 334)    Spackman Mossop Michaels
69)    C.M.S Surveyors Pty  Limted 202)    Jones Nicholson Pty Ltd 335)    Spiire
70)    C2Hills Consultancy 203)    Julia Kaul Planning 336)    SPM
71)    Caldis Cook Group Architects 204)    Kamen Engineering Pty Ltd 337)    Stabilised Pavements of Australia (SPA)
72)    Cambia Consulting Pty Ltd 205)    Kehoe Myers Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd 338)    Stanic Harding Pty Ltd
73)    Cardno (NSW/ACT) Pty Ltd 206)    Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd 339)    Stark Engineering Consulting Pty Ltd
74)    CARE PLANNING PTY LTD 207)    Kennedy Associates Architects 340)    Strategy Hunter
75)    Catchment Simulation Solutions Pty Ltd 208)    KI Studio 341)    Structural Projects Group
76)    Chris Elliott Architects Pty Ltd 209)    King & Campbell Pty Ltd 342)    Sue Rosen & Associates Pty Ltd
77)    CI Australia Pty Limited 210)    KJ Planning 343)    SWARS International Pty Ltd
78)    CitiPoli 211)    Knights and McAuley Pty Ltd 344)    System Solutions Engineering
79)    City Plan Heritage 212)    Ktlyons Pty Limited 345)    Talis Consultants
80)    City Plan Services 213)    Lacoste + Stevenson Architects 346)    TAR Technologies Pty Ltd
81)    City Plan Strategy and Development Pty Ltd 214)    Lambert & Rehbein 347)    Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects Pty Limited
82)    City Water Technology 215)    Lands Advisory Services Pty Ltd 348)    Taylors Development Strategists
83)    Civil Consult Pty Ltd 216)    LandTeam 349)    Terroir
84)    Civille Pty Ltd 217)    Lehr Consultants International (Australia) Pty Ltd 350)    The Centium Group
85)    CJC Management Pty Ltd 218)    Lighting, Art & Science Pty Ltd 351)    The Diverter
86)    CKDS Architecture Pty Limited 219)    Lindsay Dynan 352)    The Peron Group Pty Ltd
87)    Clearsafe Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd 220)    Lion Systems Pty Ltd (atf Bartholomew Family Trust) 353)    The Transport Planning Partnership Pty Ltd
88)    Complete Urban Pty Ltd 221)    Living Turf 354)    The Trustee for Chasley Trust TA Mitchell Brandtman
89)    Conrad Gargett 222)    Local Government Procurement 355)    The Trustee for Eckford Johnson Partners Unit Trust
90)    Constructive Solutions Pty Ltd 223)    Locale Consulting Pty Limited 356)    The Trustee for EI Australia Unit Trust T/A EI Australia Pty Ltd
91)    Context Landscape Design Pty Ltd 224)    LT Urban Engineering Pty Ltd 357)    The Trustee for Knowwaste Trust
92)    Corkery Consulting 225)    LTS Lockley 358)    The Trustee for LFA Pacific Unit Trust T/as LFA (Pacific) Pty Ltd
93)    Covaris Pty Ltd 226)    Lucid Consulting Engineers (SA) Pty Ltd 359)    The Trustee for Moloney and Sons Trust T/A Moloney & Sons Engineering
94)    Crossroads Civil Design Pty Ltd 227)    Lyall & Associates Consulting Water Engineers 360)    THE TRUSTEE FOR SMITH & TRACEY UNIT TRUST T/A Smith + Tracey Architects
95)    CT Management Group 228)    Macquarie Geotechnical 361)    The Trustee for Tract Consultants Unit Trust
96)    CTECS PTY LTD 229)    Marsh 362)    Thompson Berrill Landscape Design Pty Ltd
97)    Cubo Consulting Pty Ltd 230)    MasterPlan SA Pty Ltd 363)    TK BUSINESS GROUP 
98)    Cunnigham Gill Architects 231)    Matrix Thornton Consulting Engineers 364)    Tonkin Consulting Pty Ltd
99)    Currie & Brown (Australia) Pty Ltd 232)    MBMpl Pty Ltd 365)    Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects Pty Limited
100)    Dale C. Carr & Associates Pty Ltd ATF Dale C. Carr Family Trust 233)    McCallum PFCA 366)    Total Drain Cleaning Services Pty Ltd
101)    Daly Smith Pty Ltd 234)    Mecone NSW Pty Limited 367)    Traffic Engineering Centre Pty Ltd
102)    Deicke Richards Architects Pty Ltd 235)    Medical Architecture Australasia Pacific Pty Limited 368)    Triaxial Consulting Pty Ltd
103)    DEM (Aust) Pty Ltd 236)    Meinhardt 369)    Trinitas Group Pty Ltd
104)    DesignInc Ltd 237)    Melocco & Moore Architects Pty Ltd 370)    Turnbull Engineering Pty Ltd
105)    Detection Services Pty Ltd 238)    Mepstead and Associates Pty Ltd 371)    Turner & Townsend
106)    Devitt Consulting Pty Ltd 239)    MGAC 372)    Two Trees & Co.
107)    DGP Water Pty Ltd 240)    MGP BUILDING & INFRASTRUCTURE 373)    Umbaco Landscape Architects Pty Ltd
108)    DHI WATER AND ENVIRONMENT PTY LTD 241)    Michael Davies Architecture 374)    Umwelt (Australia) Pty Limited
109)    Distinctive Living Design 242)    Mike Brearley & Associates Pty Ltd 375)    Urakawa Jenkins Pty Ltd
110)    Diversi Consulting 243)    Milestone (Aust) Pty Limited 376)    Urban Monkey Pty Ltd
111)    DJ Gabriel Consulting Pty Ltd T/AS Signature Project Management 244)    MJM Environmental 377)    Urban Perspectives Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd
112)    Donald Cant Watts Corke 245)    MODE DESIGN 378)    Utility Mapping (Aust) Pty Ltd
113)    Douglas Partners Pty Ltd 246)    Moir Landscape Architecture Pty Ltd 379)    Virtus Heritage
114)    DTB Architects Pty Ltd 247)    Molino Stewart Pty Ltd 380)    Ward Civil Consulting Pty Ltd
115)    Durkin Construction Pty Ltd 248)    Monteath & Powys Pty Ltd 381)    Warren Smith & Partners
116)    EarthMoving Australia Pty Ltd 249)    Morris Water Pty Ltd 382)    Water Modelling Solutions
117)    Earthwise Environmental Consultants 250)    Morrison Low Consultants 383)    Webb Australia Group
118)    EC Sustainable Pty Ltd 251)    Moss Environmental Pty Ltd 384)    Webber Architects
119)    Eco Logical Australia Pty Ltd 252)    MPC Engineers 385)    WELSH & MAJOR ARCHITECTS PTY LTD
120)    ecodesign 253)    MRA Consulting Group 386)    Wilde and Woollard
121)    Ecoplanning Pty Ltd 254)    Muller Unit Trust T/As Muller Partnership 387)    Wilkinson Murray Pty Limited
122)    ECS - Estimating & Construction Support Pty Ltd 255)    NARIMANI, HASSAN T/as Urbanspec 388)    Willana Urban Pty Ltd
123)    EDSICO Pty Ltd 256)    Navigate Planning 389)    WMA Water Pty Ltd
124)    Elton Consulting 257)    Navin Officer Heritage Consultants Pty Ltd 390)    WMK Architecture Pty Ltd
125)    Empire Project Management Pty Ltd 258)    NewScape Design  Pty Ltd 391)    WolfPeak Pty Ltd
126)    Empower Engineers & Project Managers Pty Ltd 259)    CONSTRUCTION AND REMEDIATION ADVISORY SERVICES PTY LTD 392)    Wood & Grieve Engineers Limited
127)    EngHub Consulting 260)    Nimbus Architecture and Heritage Pty Ltd 393)    Wood Research and Development (Australia) Pty Ltd
128)    Enspire Solutions Pty Ltd 261)    Niobe Consulting Pty Ltd 394)    Woolacotts Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
129)    Enstruct Group Pty Ltd 262)    Northcroft (Australia) Pty Ltd 395)    Work Place Safety and Training Pty Ltd t/a Howsafe
130)    Entura 263)    Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd 396)    WSP Australia Pty Limited
131)    Envirocom Pty ltd 264)    Norton Survey Partners Pty Ltd 397)    XDI Pty Ltd
132)    Envirofact Pty Ltd 265)    OCULUS 398)    XYST
133)    Environmental Assessments Australia Pty Ltd 266)    Optimal Stormwater Pty Ltd 399)    Zoic Environmental Pty Ltd



Proposed date

Issue RFT Stage 1

16 Jul 2019

Closing Date for Stage 1 Tenders

23 Aug 2019

Evaluation of Stage 1 Tenderer(s)

8-12 weeks from closing

Recommendation Report for Stage 1 to LGP Board

2 weeks after evaluation

Issue RFT(s) Stage 2

Nov/Dec 2019

Closing Date for Stage 2 Tender(s)

Aug 2020

Evaluation of Stage 2 Tenderer(s)

8-12 weeks from closing

Recommendation Report for Stage 2 to LGP Board

Nov 2020

Issue RFT Stage 3

Jan 2021

Closing Date for Stage 3 Tenders

To be advised

Evaluation of Stage 3 Tenderer(s)

4-8 weeks from closing

Recommendation Report for Stage 3 to LGP Board

To be advised

Execution of Deed

8-10 weeks from report

Commencement / Implementation

1 June 2021

Initial Completion date

3 years after commencement

Possible extensions to

Three (3) terms each of  twelve (12) months


RFT4.19 Plant, Machinery and Equipment

Local Government Procurement Pty Ltd (LGP) invites tenders for Standing Offers to supply: Plant, Machinery and Equipment. 

The Tender closed at 2:00 pm on Friday, 19th July 2019.  The electronic tender box opening was witnessed as per legislative requirements. Submissions were received from the following 47 Tenderers:

1.    AGCO Australia Ltd
2.    Augusta Golf Cars
3.    Ausroad Systems Pty Limited
4.    Briggs and Stratton Australia Pty Ltd (Victa Lawncare)
5.    BST Group Aust
6.    C4L Pty Ltd T/As Macarthur Mowers and Marine
7.    CEG Distributions Pty Ltd
8.    CJD Equipment Pty Ltd
9.    Clark Equipment Sales
10.    CNH Industrial Australia Pty Ltd
11.    Conplant Pty Ltd
12.    Earthmoving Attachments Australia Pty Ltd
13.    Earthmoving Equipment Australia Pty Ltd
14.    Earthmoving Industry Engineering Pty Ltd
15.    Essential Power Systems
16.    Farm City Pty Ltd
17.    GWS Machinery P/L
18.    Husqvarna Australia Pty Limited
19.    Jackson Plant & Transport Pty Ltd
20.    JCB Construction Australia
21.    John Deere Limited
22.    JT Turf Pty Ltd
23.    Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia Pty Ltd
24.    Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd
25.    Komatsu Forklift Australia Pty Ltd
26.    Kubota Australia Pty Ltd
27.    Liebherr-Australia Pty Ltd
28.    Lismore Motorcycles
29.    MTD Products Australia
30.    Pacific Materials Handling Pty. Ltd.
31.    Porter Equipment Australia Pty Ltd
32.    Rapid Spray Pty Ltd
33.    RDO Equipment Pty Ltd
34.    Roy Gripske & Sons PTY LTD
35.    Semco Equipment Sales
36.    Specialised Mowing Equipment
37.    Stihl
38.    The Trustee for GCM Agencies Unit Trust
39.    The Trustee for Onetrak Unit Trust T/as Onetrak Pty Ltd
40.    Toro Australia
41.    Trimax Mowing Systems Australia Limited
42.    Tutt Bryant Equipment
43.    Varley Electric Vehicles Pty Limited
44.    Ventrac Australia Pty Ltd
45.    Vermeer Equipment Holdings
46.    Western Mowers & Chainsaws Pty Ltd
47.    WesTrac Pty Ltd


Event / Activity Date
Issue of RFT 18/06/2019
Tender Close 19/07/2019
Evaluation & selection of preferred Tenderer(s) 8-12 weeks from closing
Report and recommendation to LGP Board 2 weeks after evaluation
Execution of Deed 4 - 6 weeks from report
Commencement / Implementation 1 November 2019
Initial Completion Date 3 years after commencement
Possible Extensions To Three (3) terms each of twelve (12) months


RFT1.19 Asbestos Removal, Remediation Works and Associated Services

Local Government Procurement Pty Ltd (LGP) invites tenders for Standing Offers to supply: Asbestos Removal, Remediation Works and Associated Services. 

The Tender closed at 2:00 pm on Friday, 26th April 2019.  The electronic tender box opening was witnessed as per legislative requirements. Submissions were received from the following 28 Tenderers:

1.  ASP (Asbestos Solutions Professional) Pty Ltd
2.  Eminent Waste Pty Ltd t/as All Types of Rubbish
3.  Allstate Asbestos & Demolition Pty Ltd
4.  ART Civil Pty Ltd
5.  Asgard Services Pty Ltd
6.  Beasy Pty Ltd
7.  Connor Earthmoving Orange Pty Ltd
8.  Todd Demolition Pty Ltd ATF The Todd Group Family Trust t/as Demex
9.  Dick's Diggers Excavator Hire Pty Ltd
10. Empire Contracting Pty Ltd ATF Empire Contracting Trust t/as Empire Contracting Pty Ltd
11. Enviropacific Services
12. GBAR Australia Pty Ltd
13. Hay Enterprises NSW Pty Ltd
14. Integrated Environmental Pty Ltd
15. Liberty Industrial Pty Ltd
16. Longstone Pty Ltd
17. Maas Constructions (Dubbo) Pty Ltd
18. The Trustee for Bender Unit Trust t/as MBC Asbestos and Demolition
19. MGA Contracting Pty Ltd
20. NAC Services Pty Ltd
21. Newbold Bulk Haulage Pty Ltd
22. Ocon Services Pty Ltd
23. Perfect Contracting Pty Limited t/as Perfect Demolition
24. RMA Contracting Pty Ltd
25. Robbie Lee Developments PTY LTD
26. Drumderg Services Pty Ltd ATF The Trustee for Drumderg Services Unit Trust
27. The Trustee for Hodgkinson Family Trust (Aztech Services Australia Pty Ltd)
28. TMT Industries Pty Ltd


Event / Activity Date
Issue of RFT 19/03/2019
Tender Close 28/04/2019
Evaluation & selection of preferred Tenderer(s) 8-12 weeks from closing
Report and recommendation to LGP Board 2 weeks after evaluation
Execution of Deed 4 - 6 weeks from report
Commencement / Implementation 1 October 2019
Initial Completion Date 2 years after commencement
Possible Extensions To Three (3) terms each of twelve (12) months