Local Government Procurement

Annual Conference


29 & 30 October 2024
Doltone House, Pyrmont, Sydney


Welcome to the LGP Annual Conference 2024! We’re thrilled to have you join us as we embark on a journey to “Create Ripples Ride the Wave.”

This theme embodies the essence of proactive change and continuous improvement within our respective environments.

In the dynamic landscape of community provision, it is not merely essential for us to adapt, but imperative for us to initiate remarkable transformations, even through incremental changes – what some may call the 1 percenters.

Just as a solitary ripple in a pond sets off a series of movements our small yet decisive actions, strategic decisions, and innovative initiatives possess the unparalleled ability to generate significant ripples of influence and create monumental waves of impact across our communities.

For our distinguished council staff, particularly those in procurement and engineering, this conference transcends ordinary gatherings; it serves as a paramount platform for delving deep into ingenious strategies, invaluable insights, and exemplary best practices. These empower us not only to navigate the ever-shifting tides of change but to flourish amidst them. From implementing transformative procurement processes by following exemplary best practices, we stand as pioneers of continuous advancement and progress in procurement.

Let us harness the boundless energy and unparalleled expertise of our esteemed community, propelling us ever forward. Together, let us embrace the challenges, seize the opportunities, and “ride the wave” of transformation toward a brighter future.

Join us as we come together to “Create Ripples – Ride the Wave” and chart a course toward unparalleled excellence.

Who Should Attend
This event is specifically designed for decision makers, executive management, senior executives, and junior executives from various divisions within council. The aim is to bring together professionals from different areas to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing and skill development. 
The target departments include: Procurement, Purchasing, Sourcing, Contracts & Contract Management, Stores & Logistics, Engineering (civil, construction, plant and fleet), Sustainability, Infrastructure (civil, construction, water, parks & leisure), Project teams, Legal (governance & risk), Finance, Commercial (revenue & contracts) and Information Technology.


Conference Sessions
The conference offers and inspiring and tailored learning experience spread over two days. We believe that your time at the conference should be more than just listening to presentations. That’s why we have designed various interactive sessions to engage participants in meaningful discussions. The round table discussions will provide a platform to delve into important topics and exchange insights with fellow attendees.
Networking is a key component of the conference, and we have made sure to create ample opportunities for you to connect with industry experts. These interactions will not only allow you to gain innovative tips and learn best practices but also expand your professional network. We understand the value of practical learning, which is why we have incorporated workshops into the agenda. The hand-on sessions will provide you with the opportunity to actively participate and acquire the skills needed to achieve the best outcomes for your projects.

Furthermore, we have allocated over six hours of dedicated networking time throughout the conference. This extensive networking period will enable you to establish connections, share experiences and engage with your peers in a relaxed and informal setting.

By attending the conference, you can expect immersive experience where learning, collaboration and networking are intertwined to create a valuable and enriching event. We are committed to ensuring that you not only gain knowledge but also have the opportunity to actively participate, connect with industry experts, and build relationships with your fellow attendees. 



Special offer – First 50 registrations received by 31 July 2024

Standard Rate

Complimentary Attendance applicable to public sector

Special Offer for a council friend*

Pre-conference Drinks exclusive to public sector delegates

Conference Dinner

Public Sector (Councils / ROCs / JOs  and NFP)

$990 ex GST

$1300 ex GST

GM/DIR free attendance with a paid delegate**

$500 ex GST





$2500 ex GST





* On the back of a fully paid registrations, bring a friend (same council but must never have attended before).
**Not eligible to special offer (first 50 registrations).


Business Case

To support you with your internal approval process, we have developed a business case template to help you obtain approval to attend the LGP Annual Conference 2023. To download the business case, click here.


We have organised special accommodation rates at a hotel very close to the venue. For details, please click here.


Local Government Procurement Awards

The Local Government Procurement Awards 2024 celebrate those procurement professionals or groups who are making a difference in local government and their community. The Awards recognise excellence and best practice in the field of procurement within the local government sector.

The procurement award recipients will receive a personalised plaque and professional development training of the winner’s choice to the value of $2,500. 

The approved contractor award recipient will receive a personalised plaque and branding to promote their achievement. 

The Awards will be presented at the LGP Annual Conference Dinner on Tuesday 29 October 2023 at Doltone House Pyrmont. For more information related to the award criteria and submission, click here.

Conference Dinner Theme

Get ready to ride the waves of fun at the LGP Conference Dinner!

Our theme this year is “Sun, Sand, and Surf,” and we can’t wait to see everyone embody the beach vibe.

Whether it’s a Hawaiian shirt, a breezy sundress, or your favourite summer accessories, let your attire reflect the spirit of the seaside.

Join us for a night of tropical delights, oceanic charm, and unforgettable memories. Let’s make this a beach bash to remember!

Sponsorship Policy & Events Code of Conduct

We invite you to review our conference Sponsorship Policy. We uphold transparency and integrity in all sponsorship engagements, ensuring alignment with our values and purpose. This policy outlines our commitment to enhancing the conference experience while maintaining professionalism. Join us in fostering meaningful partnerships when participating at our conference.

At LGP, we are committed to fostering inclusive, respectful, and safe environments at all our events. Our Events Code of Conduct serves as a guiding framework for everyone participating in our events, ensuring that all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and staff feel valued and heard. By adhering to our Events Code of Conduct, we promote diversity, prevent harassment, and encourage collaboration, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.




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