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Bespoke Training & Awareness Programs

Bespoke Training & Awareness Programs

Our Procurement Awareness programs and bespoke training are designed by our senior procurement specialists and delivered by our skilled procurement consultants. We deliver procurement awareness to all levels and stakeholders. Our bespoke awareness training deliverables have themes of knowledge, consistency, awareness, compliance, risk management and value creation. We weave our clients specific requirements into procurement content developed with decades of learned and earned experience.

Bespoke training has the advantage of fine-tuning content to target audiences. We know there is a need to ensure that those that make decisions and have delegations have the ability to acquire procurement awareness that addresses procurement at the strategic level. We know the challenges councils experience in attracting or responding to local suppliers and we have successfully created and delivered programs to raise awareness using technology to reach the working man. We understand that local government like all employers have staff at differing levels of awareness and that the key to organisational compliance, is organisational awareness.

LGP Consulting has delivered numerous bespoke training and awareness programmes to clients across the sector. All are unique and vary based on the specific requirements of the client. What all have in common is the level of understanding and quality delivered by LGP Consulting. We are dedicated to local government, our consulting team are steeped in local government, our knowledge stem from local government experience, our solutions respond to the challenges we share. Our flexible training solutions help elevate clarity and awareness with a consistent level of knowledge across organisations.

Previous work includes:

  • "Doing business with Council" Awareness session for Local Suppliers delivered in-situ in the evening for the working man
  • "Procurement and Probity Fundamentals" bespoke training over 2 days, 4 modules, delivered in-situ
  • "Supplier Awareness" webinar, live and recorded, edited & spliced, delivered via zoom to create awareness that have a longer life use and provides consistent messaging
  • "Procurement basics & Probity" (for a client with no dedicated procurement staff), delivered in-situ to non-procurement staff, creating interest and ownership.

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