Local Government Procurement

About LGP


Creating and driving value for local communities

LGP is a not-for-profit organisation and a ‘prescribed entity’ by legislation, meaning that councils don’t have to go to tender for values greater than the tendering threshold – as they would normally have to.

Our goal is to share our procurement expertise with you, so you become the expert. Our practical knowledge has come from the diverse industries and projects we’ve worked with to drive ongoing progress of your local government communities.

Through targeted training and consulting, we guide you towards sustainable, high-value procurement solutions.

Our customers include all NSW councils, regional organisation of councils (ROCs), joint organisations (JOs), non-NSW councils, not-for-profit organisations, universities, state government agencies and departments.

Who can help?

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LGP Board

Get to know our board members here to see their extensive professional leadership and experience in driving LGP’s success, so we always grow towards continuing procurement excellence.

Annual Reports

Find out about our highlights for each year as well as our vision, financials and the vast network of organisations we serve. Take a look through our annual reports to understand LGP more deeply and the data and statistics on how we’ve created success for our customers.

Policies & Useful Links

Here is a quick reference list to the essential associations, government departments and other local government groups and links to relevant policies that govern LGP’s activities.

Meet the Team

Our number one goal is to lead our customers towards procurement success and that means we are on the other end of the phone and meeting you face-to-face when you need us. We pride ourselves on being open, accessible and here to serve the procurement needs of your council or organisation.

We are a team of procurement professionals who understand the real-world needs of the local government community.