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Modern Slavery Toolkit for Councils

Modern Slavery Toolkit for Councils

In response to new legislative requirements requiring councils to take steps to ensure the goods and services they procure are not the product of modern slavery, LGP has developed an online Modern Slavery Toolkit. The toolkit provides resources to assist councils to identify, assess and manage modern slavery risks, and aligns with the NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner's Guidance on Reasonable Steps (GRS).

Access to the Toolkit is available for a small one-off fee of $1,200 (+GST), which includes ongoing access to current available resources and to any future updates and additional resources developed. Currently included in the Toolkit are the following resources:

  • Educational factsheet targeted to council executives and procurement staff that contains key information on legislative requirements, what modern slavery is, how to identify it and steps to reduce modern slavery risks in Council’s supply chain.
  • Educational factsheet that can be distributed to employees that contains key information on what modern slavery is, how to identify it, why action is needed and tips to reduce risk.
  • Modern Slavery Prevention Policy template
  • Supplier Code of Conduct template – also incorporates environmental and social value expectations
  • Modern slavery tender criteria
  • Modern slavery contract clause
  • Questionnaire for use when engaging suppliers or buying products
  • Pre-purchase Modern Slavery Risk Checklist
  • Internal modern slavery awareness training PowerPoint template
  • Supply chain mapping and risk assessment template
  • Modern Slavery Response Flowchart (NEW)
  • Council GRS Due Diligence Levels (NEW)
  • Salient Modern Slavery Risk Assessment of council operations (NEW)

Councils wishing to purchase access to the Toolkit can register here. For more information contact us.

Please note: LGP has also developed a Social Procurement Toolkit to assist councils to meet their social procurement objectives. It complements the Modern Slavery Toolkit and provides resources to assist councils in gaining greater social value through their procurement activities. Together, the toolkits enable councils to effectively implement social procurement.

The Social Procurement Toolkit is offered at a reduced rate of $300 (+GST) (50% price reduction) if purchased in conjunction with LGP's Modern Slavery Toolkit for councils.

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