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Sustainable Choice

Procurement is getting more sustainable every day

Every procurement decision has an impact beyond the financial outlay. Sustainable procurement means finding the best suppliers with the right ethics at every level of the supply chain.

We provide resources, training, consulting services, guidance and advice to help you embed sustainability into to your procurement process and better meet sustainability objectives and legislative requirements, including those related to modern slavery.

Free membership is now available for all NSW Councils.

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Sustainable procurement is best practice procurement that includes quadruple bottom line considerations into purchasing decisions and is changing the way we think about procurement.

Our sustainable procurement expertise is sought after and is available as part of our consulting services. If you need expertise, in-depth review or help in building sustainability into your procurement processes, contact us for more information.



Join our Sustainable Choice network to get access to amazing resources, advice and guidance, free attendance at forums and webinars.

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Our practical training sessions bring in industry experts and use real case studies to build long-term, rememberable solutions for greater sustainability.

Carefully designed workshops and connected interactions mean learning is received, shared and embedded giving you the confidence to continue your own development well into the future.

Our primary goal is to build sustainable procurement from beginning to end. That’s why we align everything to the Quadruple Bottom Line of economic, environmental, social considerations all withing the wider framework of good governance.

Ongoing sustainability training is not only the right thing to do, it also makes smart business sense.

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