Local Government Procurement Training

Local Government Procurement (LGP) provides end-to-end procurement training through a series of innovative learning and development solutions, tailored specifically to meet the needs of procurement professionals in the local government sector. LGP Training courses range from the basic eLearning modules in procurement and contracting up to nationally accredited qualifications and are offered through the following four suites.

Nationally Recognised Training 

LGP in association with Pro Leaders Academy, a registered training organisation (RTO Code 45024) offers the following nationally accredited qualifications. 

  • Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting (PSP40616)
  • Diploma of Procurement and Contracting (PSP50616)
  • Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting (PSP60616)
  • Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415)

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Public Courses

LGP offers  a range of face-to-face interactive and leading practice modules in Procurement and Contract Management, designed specifically for the local government sector. The following modules are delivered in partnership with ArcBlue, one of Australia’s leading organisations specialising in procurement and contract management training. 

  • Procurement for Local Government
  • Contract Management Essentials
  • Supplier Tender Training 
  • Planning and Specifications
  • Spend Analysis for Savings, Efficiencies, Compliance & Collaboration
  • Evaluation, Supplier Selection and Contract Establishment
  • Advanced Contract Management
  • Probity in Procurement

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Customised On-site Training

To meet the specific requirements of the clients, LGP customises and delivers the below listed modules onsite. Depending on the client needs, training sessions are contextualised with specific contents, case studies, templates, policies & procedures for better expected outcomes and delivered in a more cost effective way.

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    LGP uses state-of-the-art technology to offer flexible, comprehensive eLearning modules in Procurement and Contract Management targeted at the local government sector. The following modules complement face-to-face and on-the-job learning. 

    • Procurement for Local Government 
    • Contract Management in Local Government 
    • Probity in Procurement

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    Virtual classroom

    To meet the needs of our regional and rural clients, we introduced GoToTraining, a virtual classroom option as an added facet to LGP training. 

    GoToTraining allows people from any geographic location, the opportunity to remotely attend (fully/partially) the courses conducted at our office in Sydney.  The audio/video options enables the attendees to interact with the trainer, view trainer’s presentations, ask questions, take part in the discussions, and get access to the other training resources. These happen seamlessly in a real-time environment, giving a physical classroom experience.
    This online feature is applicable to all our accredited and public courses. For the participants, it helps in reducing the overall training cost and at the same time minimise time spent away from home.


    Refer to the Training Calendar for all scheduled courses.

    For any further information, please contact Niv Roy, LGP Training Manager on 02 8270 8709 or send an email to the Training Team