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Probity & Audit Services

Probity & Audit Services

Our team will guide you through potential risks.

We lead you through the procurement risks and pitfalls. We ensure that you meet your responsibilities under the relevant regulations, legislations, and tendering guidelines. We help you clearly outline the duties within your project, leading to reduced risk and successful outcomes.

Our high-level probity service means you get the best advice on your current projects to minimise risks and better serve your members.

Our team is augmented by our certified Probity Advisor, Phill Scott PRIProb. Phill is well known in procurement circles having written articles, spoken at various seminars and conferences, as well as lectured at TAFE. He spoke as an expert witness at the ICAC Operation Jarek enquiry into corruption. Probity Audit services are also available to you where you need a project audited post-mortem.

Probity is defined as upholding the highest standards and integrity, enabling organisations to safeguard procurement activities, to ensure those activities and processes are robust and can withstand scrutiny. Probity should be part of every aspect of every procurement activity. To achieve an ethical and transparent approach, this means: behave with integrity and impartiality, ensure market equality via competition in procurement activity, identify and manage conflicts of interest, ensure information is secure and confidential, ensure adequate separation of duties and engage a probity practitioner if the procurement is complex or sensitive.

LGP Consulting can assist you. We have facilitated customer evaluations, acting as chair, providing the probity and transparency from the chair role. The chair will also steer the Tender Evaluation Panel, removing potential relationship issues arising between staff.

Let us help you on your current project, so you can apply our recommendations for continual improvement on future projects.

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