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We created LGP Consulting to provide better value to councils and local communities, while simplifying and strengthening the procurement process.

We are a specialised unit created to give individual support to councils by delivering specific project advice. Our consulting team helps you become more efficient (expertise), protects your reputation (probity) and increases your knowledge base (transference).

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Strategic & Operational Procurement


Using our experience and expertise to review what you have and help you achieve what you want

We have the skills to dive in deep to review and develop your procurement strategies, policies and procedures. We can also review your current procurement documents to bring them in line with procurement best practice principles or create new ones from scratch

We are highly skilled at identifying where improvements can be made, money saved and best practices, compliance and governance confidently implemented.

RFX Development & Facilitation

RFX Development & Facilitation


Our Consulting Team guide you through the RFx process

We help you develop the documents that make your tendering process run smoothly from beginning to end – from risk assessments and probity plans to recommendation reports and procurement guidelines. Once the tender is closed, we also advise you on how to best evaluate submissions and draw up contracts.

We use best practice principles in procurement and tendering, so your council or organisation uses funds wisely to serve your communities.

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Probity & Audit Advice


Our team guide you through the potential risks

We lead you through the procurement risks and pitfalls. We ensure that you meet your responsibilities under the relevant regulations, legislations, tendering guidelines. We help you clearly outline the duties within your project leading to reduced risk and successful outcomes.

Our high-level probity service means you get the best advice on your current projects to minimise risks and better serve your members.

Let us help you on your current project, so you can apply our recommendations for continual improvement on future projects.

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)


From inception to implementation – we can assist

Let us organise the teams and resources you need to get your project running smoothly – from planning, executing and coordinating resources to defining the scope of the project.

We’re here to help.

Contract Management as a Service (CMaaS)


Our team helps organise your contract needs as you grow

Setting up contracts can be a smooth process with our help.

Be confident that your contracts meet compliance and governance requirements from the start.

You decide how much involvement we have in your project from a short phone call to full contract management.

Procurement and Contract Management Hub

Everything you need in one place

This program empowers you to easily answer questions by looking at a single dashboard – from project spend, supplier details and KPIs to when a contract starts and finishes. 

This program enables your council or organisation to plan workflows, track milestones and generally improve operations by creating greater transparency across your council or organisation. Your team will get the information quicker to be able to stay compliant, maintain stronger governance and be more productive.

The specially designed platform is packed with features to meet LGP customer needs and even includes ongoing support from specialists who understand your challenges.

This really is a unique management program that drives excellence.

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