Sustainable Choice

Sustainable Choice - The Sustainable Approach to Procurement in Local Government

Sustainable Choice assists local government to integrate sustainability into their procurement systems and purchase sustainable products and services.  Every purchase counts and Sustainable Choice can make it easier; it’s the responsible and sensible approach to procurement.

Sustainable procurement isn't just about being 'green', nor is it limited to environmental impacts. Sustainable procurement is about good business practice that focuses on socially and ethically responsible procurement and delivering economically sound solutions while minimising an environmental impact.

For every procurement decision made, no matter how large or small, there is an impact other than the upfront financial outlay. Sustainable procurement takes into account the total purchase cost - economic, environmental and social within a wider framework of good governance. These four factors are together called the quadruple bottom line, referred to as QBL, which is at the heart of sustainable procurement.

Benefits of Membership

All councils are eligible to join and member councils enjoy the benefits of being part of large network, including the sharing of knowledge, experience and resources with other members. As a member of Sustainable Choice, your council will get exclusive access to a range of resources, products and services, some of which are listed below:

  • General advice and guidance when required
  • Access to comprehensive suite of online resources
  • Free attendance at forums and webinars
  • Access to tradeshows
  • Quarterly newsletters

Additionally as a member you will be able to access fee-based Sustainable Choice services at a discounted rate, such as:

  • Annual Sustainable Procurement Scorecard and Performance Report
  • Sustainable procurement training
  • ISO 20400 training
  • ISO 20400 gap analysis

Sustainable Choice Products and Services Database

Unlike any other, the Sustainable Choice Products and Services Database is a comprehensive online supplier database listing suppliers of sustainable products and services by category and location.  All suppliers, products and services are assessed against a number of sustainability indicators prior to inclusion in the database. The listings indicate which indicators have been met. 

Visit the Sustainable Choice Database

If you are a new supplier, apply here.

If you are an existing supplier, you can update your details here.

Sustainable Choice News

Sustainable Choice News is published quarterly, showcasing successful initiatives being undertaken by councils, along with information on sustainable products and services. 

What's New

Sustainable Choice membership is now FREE for NSW councils. LGP recognises the challenges and difficulties councils are currently facing due to devastating bushfires, droughts and COVID-19. As part of our Disaster Recovery Program to assist councils, LGP has decided to invite councils of NSW to become members of Sustainable Choice for free and enjoy the many benefits of membership. 

More Information

View the Sustainable Choice Brochure or for more information contact Tania Lalor or Sara Lindqvist, Sustainable Procurement Consultants or call 02 8270 8703.