Local Government Procurement

Tender Program


Local Government Procurement (LGP) is a leading procurement organisation focused on supporting all councils across NSW. We are a ‘prescribed entity’ under legislation which means councils using LGP contracts don’t have to go to tender for values greater than the tendering threshold, saving valuable time and resources. 

Our indicative Tender Program is provided below. Although we endeavour to keep this information up to date, it is subject to change. 

Tender Number Tender Name Planned RFT Release Date Planned Contract Commencement Date Link to Current Contract
T2.13-3 E1
Bitumen and Linemarking Refresh
May 2024
September 2024
T2.24 E16
Electricity Renewable PPA
May 2024
January 2025
T2.18 E1
Internal Audit and Management Consulting Services
May 2024
August 2024
Lease and Finance Services (invite only)
June 2024
September 2024
Bulk Fuel NPN
June - July 2024
February 2025
August 2024
February 2025

For notification of our tender releases we recommend that you self-register your organisation’s details at Tenderlink and eProcure. This will ensure that you are notified of any LGP related advertised tenders that match the criteria you select (i.e. based on the industry and categories you specify when registering).

Please note that this does not mean you are a ‘preferred supplier’. Rather, you have simply registered your details for notification of certain advertised LGP tenders.

For more information please contact our Tender Team