Local Government Procurement


Minor and Major Civil Works including Construction Materials

Contract Term
Three (3) years
Commencement Date
1 February 2021
Expiry Date
31 January 2024
Period of extended term
Three (3) x twelve (12) month options
Final Expiry Date
31 January 2027

Contract Details

The first extension option available under the contract has been agreed to by the panel and the contract has been extended to 31 January 2025.

LGP has appointed the named contractors under a Standing Deed Offer.

LGP customers accessing the pricing offered under this arrangement will access works or services directly through VendorPanel and from the contractors.

As the calling of tenders by LGP meets all the requirements of the Local Government Act Regulations (and that LGP has achieved Prescription), LGP customers do not need to independently tender for items sourced under this arrangement.

Pricing is available on the website and through quotation from the suppliers and may be subject to variations depending on the contract in place.



  • Site Preparation and Construction Works
  • Road Construction Works
  • Water, Wastewater Treatment and Distribution
  • Drainage Construction
  • Marine and Coastal Construction
  • Swimming Pool and Reservoir Construction
  • Bulk Construction and Landscape Materials
  • Landscaping Works
  • Building Construction Minor Works and Services
  • Transportation and Disposal of Waste, including Contaminated Materials
  • Recycled or Re-Purposed Discarded Construction Materials
  • Other Minor and Major Civil Works

For more detailed information on the scope of this contract, refer to the Part D Specification in the Standing Offer Deed, learn more via LGP’s e-quotation system VendorPanel. 

LGP Approved Contractors

Name & ACN Status
A F Holdings Trust t/as Solid ScapesACN 166 129 175Approved
AJ Civil ProjectsACN 083 081 645Approved
AMJ Demolition & ExcavationACN 104 920 283Approved Pending Deed
ANJ Paving Pty LtdACN 616 854 927Approved
Aaro Group Pty LtdACN 626 882 086Approved Pending Deed
Alder Constructions Pty LtdACN 106 657 470Approved
All Civil Works Group Pty LtdACN 616 938 651Approved Pending Deed
Alliance Construction Group Pty Ltd ACN 652 334 033Approved
Ally Property Services Pty LtdACN 094 217 151Approved
Ark Construction Group Pty LtdACN 112 094 372Approved
Asphalt Laying Services Pty Limited T/as ALS Group (NSW)ACN 078 150 455Approved Contractor
Asset Corporate Company Pty Ltd T/A Asset Building Systems AustraliaACN 630 331 707Approved
Austek Asphalt Services Pty Ltd ACN 158 696 505Approved Contractor
Australian Coating Solutions Pty LtdACN 634 653 633Approved Pending Deed
Avant Constructions Pty LtdACN 001 432 524Approved Pending Deed
Azbuild Pty LtdACN 089 795 639Approved Pending Deed
BCP PrecastACN 615 726 924Approved
BGR Group Pty LtdACN 640 643 652Approved
Baker Built Pty LtdACN 615 602 125Approved
Bayrange Pty LtdACN 003 991866Approved
Beasy Pty LtdACN 110 959 549Approved
Bernipave Road Solutions Pty LimitedACN 641 318 158Approved
Bingo Waste Services Pty LtdACN 162 988 623Approved Pending Deed
Bioaction Pty LtdACN 136 514 817Approved Pending Deed
Bishton Group Pty LtdACN 601 790 130Approved
Boylson Pty Ltd ACN 623 067 014Approved
Braid Industries Pty LtdACN 128 270 351Approved
Brycon Civil Pty Ltd ACN 637 618 378Suspended
Budget Demolition & Excavation Pty LtdACN 842 298 7 2Approved Pending Deed
C&D Constructions (NSW) Pty LtdACN 101 625 076Approved Pending Deed
CM Contracting (Aust) Pty LtdACN 105 439 085Approved
Cable & Pipe Locations Pty LtdACN 143 001 067Approved
Capital AshphaltACN 610 642 058Approved
Carve Earthworks & Construction Pty LImitedACN 129 075 805Withdrawn
Cecam Projects Pty Ltd ACN 150 230 765Approved
Celtic Civil Pty Ltd ACN 108 690 544Approved
Citywide Civil WorksACN 169 599 106Approved Pending Deed
Civeco Pty LtdACN 604 338 712Approved
Civil Constructions Pty LimitedACN 113 398 922Approved
Civil DomainACN 609 541 531Approved
Civil Independence Industries Pty LtdACN 621 542 881Approved Contractor
Civil Streetscapes Pty Ltd ACN 126 305 511Temporarily Suspended
Civil Works (NSW) Pty Ltd ACN 119 706 106Approved
Civil and Civic Group Pty LtdACN 641 855 058Approved
Cleanaway Operations Pty LtdACN 010 745 383Approved Pending Deed
Cleary Bros (Bombo) Pty Ltd ACN 000 157 808Approved
Clement Marine ConstructionsACN 061 036 824Approved
Cockerill Contracting Pty LtdACN 079 267 422Approved Pending Deed
Collective Civil Pty Ltd ACN 097 428 003Approved
Connor Earthmoving Orange Pty LtdACN 166 834 242Approved Pending Deed
Convil Group Pty LtdACN 613 491 875Approved
Crack Sealing Australia Pty LtdACN 157 685 580Approved
D&J's Civil Construction Pty LtdACN 605 884 080Approved
D&M Excavations and Asphalting Pty LtdACN 057 362 375Approved Contractor
Delcare Constructions Pty LtdACN 088 238 662Approved
Devcon Civil Pty Ltd ACN 003 160 549Approved
Diverse Civil Contracting Pty Ltd ACN 616 149 243Terminated from Contract
Durack Civil Pty LtdACN 633 665 380Approved Pending Deed
Dynamic Civil Pty LtdACN 103 223 883Approved
EBCONACN 630 294 398Approved
EMT Pty LtdACN 166 388 469Approved
Eire Construction Pty LtdACN 116 308 573Approved
Ellis Profiling (Qld) Pty LtdACN 090 899 095Approved
Engineering and Civil Contractors Pty Ltd ACN 653 966 851Approved
Enterprise Landscapes and Civil Pty LtdACN 166 359 860Approved Contractor
Envirocivil NSW Pty LtdACN 057 526 431Approved
Enviropacific Services Pty LimitedACN 111 372 064Approved
Euro Civil Pty Ltd ACN 057 330 748Approved
Everwilling Tree Specialist Pty LimitedACN 147 962 310Terminated from Contract
EzyPave Pty Ltd ACN 108 448 193Approved
Fenworx Pty Ltd t/as Newpave AsphaltACN 163 872 106Approved Contractor
Fewster Brothers Contracting Pty LtdACN 154 665 317Terminated from Contract
Fitt Resources Pty LtdACN 074 895 319Approved
Ford Civil Contracting Pty LtdACN 002 542 814Approved Pending Deed
Fortade Group Pty LtdACN 608 847 963Approved
Fulton Hogan Industries Pty LtdACN 000 538 689Approved Contractor
GC Civil Contracting Pty LtdACN 621 866 466Approved Pending Deed
GM Road & Civil Group Pty Ltd ACN 649 177 702Approved
GPM Marine Constructions ACN 631 646 743Approved
GPP Excavation & Demolition Contractors Pty LtdACN 003 301 782Approved
GTE1 Pty LtdACN 634 503 647Approved Pending Deed
Gauci Civil Contracting Pty LtdACN 158 539 952Approved
Grants Rd Sand Pty LtdACN 092 896 074Approved
Greater West Landscapes Pty Ltd ACN 160 584 083Approved
Green Civil Con Pty LtdACN 133 610 554Terminated from Contract
Growth Civil Landscapes Pty LtdACN 601 437 003Approved Pending Deed
HD Civil Pty Ltd ACN 062 203 6766Approved
HI_Tech Civil Group Pty LtdACN 618 007 391Approved Pending Deed
Hazell Bros (Qld) Pty LtdACN 145 228 986Approved
Heavy Foundations Pty LtdACN 620 863 372Approved
Hibernian Contracting Pty. Ltd.ACN 163 989 384Approved
Hines Construction Pty LtdACN 003 245 798Approved
Holmes Civil Weld and Construct Pty LtdACN 635 134 173Approved
Homann Constructions Pty LimitedACN 075 456 718Approved
Houghton and Meredith Pty. LtdACN 001 114 629Approved Pending Deed
HumesACN 099 732 297Approved
Hunter Wide Civil Pty LtdACN 624 298 504Approved
Hutchens Holdings Pty Ltd ACN 629 035 098Approved
Infrastructure Renewal ServicesACN 150 847 804Approved Pending Deed
Innaco Pty LtdACN 119 715 052Approved
Inquik Pty LtdACN 618 334 286Approved
Interflow Pty LimitedACN 000 563 208Approved
J & E Asphalt & Civil001 547 379Approved
J & M Bashforth & SonsACN 002 376 169Approved
J&G Excavations & Asphalting (NSW) Pty LtdACN 091 986 739Approved Contractor
J.B.G Contractors (NSW) Pty LtdACN 121 130 050Approved
Jay & Lel Civil Contractors Pty LtdACN 124 621 478Approved
Jet Black Pavements Pty LtdACN 623 233 107Approved Contractor
John R Keith GroupACN 096 504 399Terminated
KCE Pty Limited ACN 059 721 881Approved
KJ Civil & Paving Pty LtdACN 106 413 343Approved
KK Civil EngineeringACN 096 363 254Approved
Karuah East Quarry Pty LimitedACN 141 505 035Suspended
Kyogle EarthworxACN 082 625 170Approved
LNM ProjectsACN 099 768 564Approved
LT Renovations Pty LtdACN 151 409 666Approved
Ladex Construction Group Pty LtdACN 082 076 784Approved
Lamond Contracting Pty LtdACN 120 111 686Approved
Land & Marine Ocean Engineering Pty Ltd ACN 099 768 564Approved
Land and Road Management Services (LARMANS)ACN 149 860 999Approved
Landmark Products Pty LtdACN 112 000 843Approved
Lanson Trading Pty LtdACN 625 247 449Approved
Latsyrc Pty Ltd ACN 128 703 088Approved
Ledonne Constructions Pty LtdACN 003 117 717Approved
Leroy Excavations Pty LimitedACN 080 532 725Approved
Lis-Con Services (NSW) Pty LtdACN 605 004 091Suspended
Lynch Civil Contractors Pty LtdACN 001 233 370Withdrawn
MFS Contracting Pty LtdACN 606 412 775Approved
MMA Civil ContractorsACN 086 673 136Approved
MSA Civil and Communications Pty LtdACN 152 369 965Approved
MSC Consulting And Project Services ACN 628 075 892Approved
MT & KA Cutajar Pty LtdACN 084 461 772Approved
Mack Civil Pty Ltd T/as Mack Civil EngineeringACN 163 885 943Approved Contractor
Martin & Josephine TolleyACN 656 314 759Approved
Masport Pty LtdACN 169 713 179Approved
Mat Brown Building Pty LimitedACN 149 253 912Approved
Materials in the RawACN 079 486 454Approved
McBerns Pty LtdACN 060 984 107Approved
McLennan Earthmoving Pty LimitedACN 055 186 797Approved
McMahon's Earthmoving Pty Ltd ACN 121 753 884Approved
Metropolitan Demolitions Pty LtdACN 099 769 052Temporarily Suspended
Michilis Pty LimitedACN 085 627 587Approved
Mid North Coast Contractors Pty LtdACN 158 993 143Approved
Mullane Maintenance Pty LimitedACN 106 414 153Approved
NA Group Pty LtdACN 127 022 324Approved Contractor
NSW Building and Civil Pty LtdACN 630 836 234Approved Contractor
NSW Kerbing Pty LtdACN 152 369 796Approved
National Civil Projects Pty LimitedACN 161 558 103Approved
North Shore Paving Co Pty LtdACN 001 021 790Approved Contractor
O'Brien Electrical & Plumbing LismoreACN 161 718 814Approved
Ollicina Civil Pty LimitedACN 152 551 632Approved
One Asphalt (NSW) Pty LtdACN 636 762 233Approved
Openshore Pty LimitedACN 068 703 079Approved
Optimal Civil Pty LtdACN 612 566 891Approved Contractor
Optimal Stormwater Pty LtdACN 139 725 894Approved
Outdoor and GeneralACN 105 090 293Approved
Ozpave (Aust) Pty LtdACN 101 338 069Approved Contractor
P.J. Warner Australia Pty LimitedACN 084 076 853Approved
Pan Civil Pty Ltd ACN 001 992 963Approved
Pensar Construction Group Pty LimitedACN 159 082 498Approved
Perfection Landscape Services Pty Ltd ACN 096 353 294Approved
Piling & Concreting Australia (PCA) Pty LtdACN 137 273 682Approved
Pipe Management Australia Pty LtdACN 145 894 695Approved
Pipeline Watertech Pty Ltd606 549 571Approved
Planet Civil Pty LtdACN 153 213 346Approved Contractor
Polysoft Pty LimitedACN 152 361 790Approved
Preferred Turf Pty LtdACN 619 452 630Approved
Q-Max Pumping Systems Pty LtdACN 164 437 914Approved
Quality Management & Constructions Pty LtdACN 067 829 323Approved
R & M Carter Haulage Pty LtdACN 151 093 195Approved Pending Deed
R Line Civil & Concreting Pty Ltd ACN 613 851 684Approved
R&M Earthmoving Pty LtdACN 159 303 330Approved
RMA Contracting Pty LtdACN 092 116 704Approved
Rangedale Drainage & Industrial Services Pty LtdACN 635 170 375Terminated from Contract
Regal Innovations Pty LtdACN 002 411 814Approved
Relyon Constructions Pty Ltd098 883 688Approved
Retaining Specialists Pty Ltd ACN 105 379 986Approved
Rivers Construction Pty LimitedACN 054 125 718Approved
Road Safety Barriers Pty LtdACN 650 285 920Approved
Road Sure Pty Ltd ACN 635 674 172Approved
Roadwork Industries Pty LtdACN 636 165 654Approved Contractor
Robbie Lee Developments Pty LtdACN 159 475 466Approved
Rockpave CivilACN 634 864 154Approved
S A F Group Pty LtdACN 126 104 489Approved
SD Civil Engineering Pty LtdACN 610 397 825Approved
SNG Engineering Pty Ltd ACN 657 936 948Approved
Salcorp Civil Pty LtdACN 602 588 956Approved
Sam the Paving Man Pty LimitedACN 050 612 194Approved
Shail Construction Pty LtdACN 625 862 982Approved
South West KerbingACN 105 571 864Approved
Southern Relining ServicesACN 131 996 346Approved
Stabilcorp Pty LtdACN 162 342 001Approved Contractor
State Civil Pty LtdACN 159 352 271Approved Contractor
Stateline Asphalt Pty LtdACN 138 667 759Approved Contractor
Statewide Civil Pty LtdACN 112 558 513Approved
Sydney City Building CompanyACN 165 602 175Approved
Sydney Tree CompanyACN 150 566 573Approved
T&L Excavations & Asphalting Pty LtdACN 135 113 709Approved Contractor
T.N.T. Plumbing & Drainage Pty LimitedACN 121 785 662Approved
TNT Building Group Pty LtdACN 608 194 298Approved
TPE Enterprises Pty Ltd ACN 643 471 050Approved
TWS Evolution Pty LtdACN 637 399 029Approved
Tecorp Pty LimitedACN 060 595 226Approved
Tenite Pty LtdACN 002 994 372Approved
The Civil Experts TA TCE ContractingACN 612 801 340Approved
The Trustee for French Stonemasonry Trust ACN 164 695 087Approved
The Trustee for Stanco Family Trust (Solve Civil)ACN 610 662 381Approved
The Trustee for the Pederick Family Trust t/as Aus Blue Bins ACN 424 200 462Approved
Total Drain Cleaning Services Pty LtdACN 130 467 346Approved
Total Earth CareACN 169 797 960Approved
Treadwell Group Pty Ltd ACN 140 529 200Approved
Trility Solutions Australia Pty LtdACN 101 568 914Approved
Undercover Landscapes106 056 697Approved
Unicorn Landscaping & Stone Masondry Pty LtdACN 114 394 964Approved
Urban Asset Solutions Pty LtdACN 627 354 830Approved
Urban Renew Pty LtdACN 633 768 573Approved
Valley Earthworks Pty LtdACN 109 527 095Approved
Waeger BridgesACN 110 364 737Approved
Ward Civil & Environmental Engineering Pty LtdACN 098 942 459Approved
Water Brothers Group Pty LtdACN 168 805 392Temporarily Suspended
Whyte Civil Pty LtdACN 167 594 685Approved
Wilmot PipeliningACN 161 466 904Approved
ZAMR Engineering Pty LtdACN 626 724 203Approved

Approved status on this page indicates that contractors have signed their Standing Offer Deed and are now an LGP Approved Contractor. They will appear in VendorPanel after completion of all activation requirements.

In addition to the LGP approved contractors, selected contractors have nominated Authorised Agents/Subcontractors (includes: Partners/Resellers/Dealers). These are listed under the heading Authorised Agents/Subcontractors (includes: Partners/Resellers/Dealers).


View our Guide to Using LGP Contracts and Guide to Evaluating RFQs and Awarding Contracts under LGP Panels.

Please also see LGP’s Guide to Amending LGP Customer Contracts and Other Options for further information around varying contract options underneath LGP panels.

If council wishes to make amendments to a LGP Customer Contract or other options, please complete the Letter of Endorsement/ Acknowledgement Request Form.

When placing orders, you MUST include the contract number, or you may NOT be covered under the terms and conditions of the LGP contract.

Tendered Rates
Information regarding LGP’s pricing can be found in VendorPanel. Rates located under this tab are generally for low volumes and one off purchases. For large or committed volumes or projects in scope of this contract a Request for Quotation (RFQ) can be requested from contractors on the panel.

Councils should note that LGP panel members update insurance on a cyclical basis. LGP will expedite any outstanding information, but regardless, insurance policies can be cancelled or lapse at any time and councils should always seek confirmation directly from contractors where-ever contract risk is high.

The preferred method of seeking a quote is via VendorPanel. A RFQ template is available to assist with completing a well considered specification. 

For more information on making purchases see our How to Guide.

Forward your purchase order to the contractor including the agreed rate as set out in the price schedule. This should be undertaken in accordance with your organisation’s procurement policy. Ensure that the LGP contract number is included on the purchase order.

The full benefits of a contract can be realised by making a commitment to it.
Commitment can be demonstrated by completing the notice of participation form. This will be used to notify contractors that all purchases made via the approved contractor will be done so under the contract, provided it is within scope.

Note. The Participation Form is not a contract, nor does it lock council into using this arrangement. Council may alter this arrangement at any time.

Yes, via a Nominee Authorisation. Customers may appoint an entity to make purchases from LGP approved contractors on their behalf. These purchases are for goods and/or services that are within scope of the LGP contract and are required for works and services that the entity is undertaking on behalf of the LGP customer.

Please contact your Business Manager for more information and a copy of the authorisation and acceptance form.

Customers will be supplied a tax invoice directly by the contractor. All payments will be made to the contractor in accordance with clause 26.3 of the Standard terms of Contract between a Customer and Contractor (Schedule 5 of the Head Agreement (standing offer deed)) i.e. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a Customer must make such payment by the end of the month following the month of invoice.

Contact the contractor directly. If the issue cannot be resolved, contact your Business Manager.

Yes, some LGP contracts have purchasing thresholds. If a contract has a purchasing threshold this information can be found on the LGP Website at the top of the relevant LGP Contract page, and on VendorPanel under the Local Government Procurement Lists Contact Details. 

This video tutorial will teach LGP Approved Customers how to locate LGP contract information on the LGP website.

Notice to Participate

Please note:  that the Notice of Participation is for council use only. Any business interested in becoming an LGP-approved supplier should refer to How do I become an Approved Contractor.

The purpose of the Notice to Participate is to:

• Provide announcement to LGP approved contractors of a Council’s intention to participate in the use of a contact;

• Demonstrate compliance with the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) (Section 55 Tendering);

• Facilitate the ability to track all purchases under the named Local Government Procurement (LGP) contract; and

• Ensure that Council accurately receives any LGP rebate applicable to this contract.

Completion of this form DOES NOT ‘lock’ your Council into a contract. Rather, this Notice of Participation is an instrument used to demonstrate your Council’s intention to purchase goods and/or services under the agreed LGP contractual conditions until otherwise notified.

Please ensure that any Council staff authorised to issue purchase orders are aware of Council’s intention to access this LGP contract and that they can access information in order to follow the LGP process.

Full explanation on how the Notice of Participation operates

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