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Our goal is to save you money, time and effort by connecting councils, not-for-profits and communities with our approved contractors, so you know you get the job done quickly, professionally and within budget.

We are a ‘prescribed entity’, meaning that you don’t have to go to tender for values greater than the tendering threshold – as you would normally have to. You simply get quotes and proposals (RFx) from our approved contractors who have been securely contracted to LGP.

LGP thoroughly vets each of our approved contractors through our rigorous public tendering process to ensure that we create a reliable and trusting working environment.

LGP has assigned modern slavery risk ratings across all its contracts, which can be viewed when accessing LGP contracts in VendorPanel.

LGP Customer – Information sheet
LGP Customer – Guide for accessing risk ratings
LGP Approved Contractor – Information sheet
LGP Approved Contractor – SME Toolkit

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Current Contracts

How to get a quote

Find the best contractor

We have made the process simple so you can spend your time focusing on what’s important.

Take a look through our contracts and request a quote via our e-quotation system to find the best contractor at the best price and fit for your requirements.

Approved Contractors

Partner with reliable suppliers that align with our values

We vet the best suppliers across a range of industries to become LGP approved contractors.

Partnering with LGP has many benefits including higher win rates, simplified approval processes, cost saving and forming deeper relationships with customers.

Apply to become a Contractor

Streamlining the tendering process

We are always looking to partner with reliable and high-quality suppliers to work with our customers across NSW.

Whether you are a small to medium enterprise (SME) or a multinational corporation in a capital city or a regional centre, you are encouraged to register your interest and respond to a current tender.

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