Local Government Procurement


IT&C Products, Services and Consulting

Contract Term
Ten (10) years
Commencement Date
1 June 2022
Expiry Date
31 May 2032
Period of extended term
Final Expiry Date
31 May 2032

Contract Details

This contract has transitioned to a LGP Dynamic Contract. A Deed of Amendment has been agreed to by the panel and this contract will now conclude on 31 May 2032.

Purchasing Threshold

There is no contract limitation applicable for this contract.

LGP has appointed the suppliers under a Standing Offer Deed.

LGP Customers accessing the pricing offered under this arrangement will access services/products through VendorPanel from the suppliers.

As the calling of tenders by LGP meets all requirements of the Local Government Act Regulations (and that LGP has achieved Prescription), LGP Customers do not need to independently tender for items purchased under this supply arrangement.

Pricing is available through quotation from the suppliers and may be subject to variations depending on the contract in place.


  • Audio Visual covers the technology and services used for the conveyance of sound and image to assist in activities such as presentation and monitoring.
  • Cloud Services (XaaS) covers all services that are provided on a dynamic, on-demand basis, hosted offsite in a managed data centre. It is commonly described as XaaS, where X is substituted for the specific service.
  • Cyber Security covers bespoke work and/or custom-designed software applications to meet Customers’ specific needs. The requirements of this Category extend beyond configuring an existing system.
  • Development Services covers bespoke work and/or custom-designed software applications, cyber security systems and services.
  • ICT Support Services covers the range of services to enable, maintain and decommission ICT systems.
  • Integration Services cover the joining of different system components together as one large system and ensuring that each integrated system functions as required.
  • IT Business Support covers a range of higher-level services which typically involve outsourcing an IT business function or IT service.
  • IT Hardware covers physical computing devices, mobile devices and associated IT peripherals that are typically located on the user’s premises.
  • Licensed Software covers the programs that run on the Customers’ own computers or servers, these are expected to be Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) applications.
  • Managed Services cover the provision of specialist IT support and services by an external company. Engagement is typically on an ongoing basis rather than a project basis.
  • Network Infrastructure covers the physical devices and systems to enable network connectivity, communication and management of an IT network.
  • Phone Systems provide the means of communication (phone, messaging, conferencing) between users, including on-site phone systems, hosted services and unified communications.
  • Printing and Scanning cover the provision of physical devices and managed services covering the whole reprographics area.
  • Professional Services covers higher-level advice typically provided on a short-term project basis.
  • Smart Cities covers bespoke work and/or custom-designed software applications and hardware to meet Customers’ specific needs.
  • Telecommunications Services are provided by either telecoms carriers or resellers that provide a means of communication between remote parties.

For more detailed information on the scope of this contract, refer to the Part D Specification in the Standing Offer Deed, and learn more via LGP’s e-quotation system VendorPanel.

LGP Approved Contractors

Name & ACN Status
3 ColumnsACN 616 646 630Approved
ACT Logistics Pty LtdACN 077 294 734Approved
ASI SolutionsACN 068 649 972Approved
ATI Australia Pty LtdACN 009 256 179Approved
Acer Computers Australia Pty LtdACN 003 872 768Approved
Aerocom Technology Pty LtdACN 131 890 849Approved
Allcom Networks Pty LtdACN 076 491 917Approved
ArcBlue Consulting (Aus) Pty LtdACN 160 204 455Approved
Arrochar Consulting Pty LtdACN 624 705 531Approved
Art of MultimediaACN 087 037 652Approved
Assetic Australia Pty LtdACN 126 629 954Withdrawn
Aten Systems Pty LtdACN 147 604 948Approved
Atos (Australia) Pty LtdACN 143 410 655Approved
Atturra Business ApplicationsACN 167 654 382Pending
Aurian Security Pty LtdACN 639 930 528Approved
Avocado Consulting Pty LtdACN 108 342 561Approved
Black Box Technologies Australia Pty LtdACN 110 810 298Approved
Blue Apache Pty LtdACN 083 664 224Approved
Bmp Tech One Pty LtdACN 611 334 037Approved
Bokser Pty LtdACN 112 669 931Approved
CSAACN 003 147 153Approved
Callscan Australia Pty LtdACN 007 335 122Approved
Chill IT Pty LimitedACN 137 898 296Approved
CommsChannel Pty LimitedACN 625 816 613Approved
Commschoice Operations Pty LimitedACN 617 293 071Approved
Computer One Software (Australia) Pty LtdACN 010 486 209Approved
Computers Now Pty LtdACN 064 837 743Approved
Content Security Pty LtdACN 105 212 191Approved
Converged Communication Network Applications Pty LtdACN 128 905 091Approved
CountryTell Community BroadbandACN 113 494 769Approved
Crown Cabling Pty LtdACN 126 130 498Approved
DC EncompassACN 075 245 162Approved
Data#3 Limited.ACN 010 545 267Approved
Datacom Systems (AU) Pty LtdACN 135 427 075Approved
Datcom Cloud Pty LtdACN 081 956 443Approved
Dell Australia Pty LtdACN 003 855 561Approved
Dialog Information TechnologyACN 010 089 175Approved
Door 3 Consulting Pty LtdACN 134 890 467Approved
Enigma Indigenous Peoples Pty LtdACN 623 122 458Approved
Enterprisecreativecloud Pty LtdACN 630 453 084Approved
EnvisionWare Pty LtdACN 126 848 333Approved
Ericom Pty LtdACN 070 942 871Approved
Eroad Australia Pty LtdACN 138 901 603Approved
Espire Infolabs Pty LimitedACN 100 317 397Approved
Ethan Global Pty LtdACN 099 503 456Approved
Field Solutions Group Pty LtdACN 155 490 074Approved
Forensic Systems Analysis Pty LtdACN 621 027 183Approved
Fredon Technology Pty LimitedACN 168 723 644Approved
Fuji Film Business Innovation Australia Pty LtdACN 003 341 819Approved
GEIS Pty LtdACN 003 507 033Approved
Gammer Consulting Pty LtdACN 123 409 950Approved
Generation-eACN 163 718 714Approved
Granicus Australia Pty Ltd (Formerly OpenCities Pty Ltd)ACN 648 475 101Approved
HKA Global Pty LtdACN 085 532 047Approved
Hitech Support Pty LtdACN 064 818 211Approved
I-Comm Australia Pty. Ltd.ACN 075 895 662Approved
Icognition Pty LimitedACN 104 128 001Approved
Iconyx Pty LtdACN 118 034 870Approved
Infopaf Pty LimitedACN 622 132 469Approved
Information Professionals Pty LtdACN 164 080 200Approved
Informotion Pty LtdACN 161 716 007Approved
Insight Enterprises Australia Pty LtdACN 058 645 677Approved
Intellitek Pty LimitedACN 127 389 020Approved
InterStream Pty LtdACN 007 168 087Approved
Ipscape Pty LtdACN 115 398 448Approved
Cyber 365ACN 135 852 667Approved
Kalba Australia Pty LtdACN 098 635 977Approved
Kaon SecurityABN 94 290 480 737Approved
Konverge Australia Pty LtdACN 169 342 741Approved
Kyocera Document Solutions Australia Pty LtdACN 003 852 444Approved
LG Services Group Pty LtdACN 124 446 831Approved
Lbh Partners Pty LtdACN 600 504 194Approved
Lenovo (Australia & New Zealand) Pty LtdACN 112 394 411Approved
Leonards AdvertisingACN 602 448 813Approved
Linktech AustraliaACN 161 151 953Approved
Lion Systems Pty LtdACN 158 853 215Approved
Logicalis Australia Pty LtdACN 091 623 326Approved
MCR Computer Resources Pty LtdACN 003 647 943Approved
Managenet Pty LtdACN 103 667 241Terminated by LGP
Matrix CNI Pty LtdACN 104 123 560Approved
Meridian IT Pty LtdACN 064 019 290Approved
Meshed Pty Ltd605 631 758Approved
MicrotechDPSACN 111 133 487Approved
NOW Industries Pty LtdACN 095 688 136Approved
Net Communications Pty LtdACN 093 067 004Approved
Nexon Asia Pacific Pty LtdACN 095 335 023Approved
OPC IT Pty LimitedACN 008 657 618Approved
OneWiFi & InfrastructureACN 26 159 004 065Approved
Open Office Holdings Pty LtdACN 632 276 692Approved
Optus Networks Pty LimitedACN 008 570 330Approved
Outcomex Pty LtdACN 614 725 736Approved
Peak ServicesACN 115 959 021Approved
Peclet Technology Pty LtdACN 604 366 583Approved
Pioneer ComputersACN 141 070 662Approved
Platinum Technology Consulting Pty LtdACN 641 360 161Approved
Premier Contact Point Pty LtdACN 639 746 464Approved
RSM Australia Pty LtdACN 009 321 377Approved
Randstad Pty LimitedACN 080 275 378Approved
Red 29 Pty LimitedACN 120 792 421Approved
Roberts & Morrow TechnologyACN 085 485 552Approved
S5 Technology Group Pty LtdACN 115 079 153Approved
Secure Agility Pty LtdACN 146 261 529Approved
Simble Solutions LimitedACN 608 419 656Approved
Softlabs Pty LtdACN 158 617 577Approved
SolOrient Pty LimitedACN 145 425 181Approved
Spring Digital Pty LtdACN 601 164 943Approved
Stark Engineering Consulting Pty LtdACN 151 846 203Approved
TEC Collective Pty LtdACN 607 068 879Approved
TPG Network Pty LtdACN 003 064 328Approved
Tech Mahindra LimitedACN 092 511 558Terminated by LGP
Technology RiskACN 101 012 597Approved
Tekoi Consulting Pty LtdACN 642 127 991Approved
Teleresult Pty LtdACN 077 743 027Approved
Telstra Corporation LimitedACN 051 775 556Novated to Telstra Limited (ACN: 086 174 781)
Telstra LimitedACN 086 174 781 Approved
Terra Firma Pty LtdACN 072 536 700Approved
Tesserent Cyber Services Pty LtdACN 632 539 167Approved
The Missing Link Network Integration Pty LtdACN 101 690 635Approved
The Missing Link Security Pty LtdACN 164 772 427Approved
The Urban Institute Pty LtdACN 608 464 535Approved
Toshiba (Australia) Pty LtdACN 001 320 421Approved
Universal Network Technologies Pty LtdACN 097 938 451Approved
VendorPanel Pty LtdACN 129 460 751Approved
Viatek Technology Pty LimitedACN 077 064 030Withdrawn
Virtunet Pty LtdACN 134 012 061Approved
Vocus CommunicationsACN 127 842 853Approved
Votar Partners Pty LtdACN 007 147 766Approved
Wave1 Pty LtdACN 006 395 026Approved
Well Done International Pty LtdACN 138 486 478Approved
Woolpert Australia Pty LtdACN 106 160 678Approved
Xcite Audio VisualABN 29 137 328 548Approved
ZirilioACN 114 833 322Approved
iPlatinumACN 002 322 910Approved

Approved status on this page indicates that contractors have signed their Standing Offer Deed and are now an LGP Approved Contractor. They will appear in VendorPanel after completion of all activation requirements.

In addition to the LGP approved contractors, selected contractors have nominated Authorised Agents/Subcontractors (includes: Partners/Resellers/Dealers). These are listed under the heading Authorised Agents/Subcontractors (includes: Partners/Resellers/Dealers).


View our Guide to Using LGP Contracts and Guide to Evaluating RFQs and Awarding Contracts under LGP Panels.

When placing orders, you MUST include the contract number, or you may NOT be covered under the terms and conditions of the LGP contract.

Tendered Rates
Information regarding LGP’s pricing can be found in VendorPanel. Rates located under this tab are generally for low volumes and one off purchases. For large or committed volumes or projects in scope of this contract a Request for Quotation (RFQ) can be requested from contractors on the panel.

Councils should note that LGP panel members update insurance on a cyclical basis. LGP will expedite any outstanding information, but regardless, insurance policies can be cancelled or lapse at any time and councils should always seek confirmation directly from contractors where-ever contract risk is high.

The preferred method of seeking a quote is via VendorPanel. A RFQ template is available to assist with completing a well considered specification. 

For more information on making purchases see our How to Guide.

Forward your purchase order to the contractor including the agreed rate as set out in the price schedule. This should be undertaken in accordance with your organisation’s procurement policy. Ensure that the LGP contract number is included on the purchase order.

The full benefits of a contract can be realised by making a commitment to it.
Commitment can be demonstrated by completing the notice of participation form. This will be used to notify contractors that all purchases made via the approved contractor will be done so under the contract, provided it is within scope.

Note. The Participation Form is not a contract, nor does it lock council into using this arrangement. Council may alter this arrangement at any time.

Yes, via a Nominee Authorisation. Customers may appoint an entity to make purchases from LGP approved contractors on their behalf. These purchases are for goods and/or services that are within scope of the LGP contract and are required for works and services that the entity is undertaking on behalf of the LGP customer.

Please contact your Business Manager for more information and a copy of the authorisation and acceptance form.

Customers will be supplied a tax invoice directly by the contractor. All payments will be made to the contractor in accordance with clause 26.3 of the Standard terms of Contract between a Customer and Contractor (Schedule 5 of the Head Agreement (standing offer deed)) i.e. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a Customer must make such payment by the end of the month following the month of invoice.

Contact the contractor directly. If the issue cannot be resolved, contact your Business Manager.

Yes, some LGP contracts have purchasing thresholds. If a contract has a purchasing threshold this information can be found on the LGP Website at the top of the relevant LGP Contract page, and on VendorPanel under the Local Government Procurement Lists Contact Details. 

This video tutorial will teach LGP Approved Customers how to locate LGP contract information on the LGP website.

Notice to Participate

Please note:  that the Notice of Participation is for council use only. Any business interested in becoming an LGP-approved supplier should refer to How do I become an Approved Contractor.

The purpose of the Notice to Participate is to:

• Provide announcement to LGP approved contractors of a Council’s intention to participate in the use of a contact;

• Demonstrate compliance with the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) (Section 55 Tendering);

• Facilitate the ability to track all purchases under the named Local Government Procurement (LGP) contract; and

• Ensure that Council accurately receives any LGP rebate applicable to this contract.

Completion of this form DOES NOT ‘lock’ your Council into a contract. Rather, this Notice of Participation is an instrument used to demonstrate your Council’s intention to purchase goods and/or services under the agreed LGP contractual conditions until otherwise notified.

Please ensure that any Council staff authorised to issue purchase orders are aware of Council’s intention to access this LGP contract and that they can access information in order to follow the LGP process.

Full explanation on how the Notice of Participation operates

LGP has not included a financial limitation on the value of any one project that a Customer may source under LGP115 however the Customer is advised to make contact with LGP if the value of any one project is expected to exceed $750, 000 inc. GST. LGP will advise if the terms and conditions of the arrangement are appropriate and that terms and conditions are adequately assessed.

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