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What we offer

Nationally Accredited Training Courses

Developing stronger skills for increasingly sustainable futures.

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Non-Accredited Training Courses

LGP offers public courses to embed best practice thinking across your team. Our interactive, live sessions are facilitated by highly skilled trainers with strong industry backgrounds and expertise making the sessions highly engaging and a great place for sharing, growing and networking.

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Customised Onsite Training (non-accredited)

Give your team the exact knowledge they need with one of our tailor-made sessions delivered in your office. Specially designed content, case studies and other customised lessons are designed and delivered with targeted activities, discussions and role plays to help them develop together and share knowledge organically.

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Upskill your teams with our range of highly user-friendly eLearning offerings. Our professional development courses are flexible and self-paced to suit your staff’s busy schedules – whether they are in regional or city areas.

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Calendar of Training

Our Trainers

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Sustainable Choice
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