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We created this repository of standard templates, clear guidelines, interesting articles and a range of other useful documents to make your life easier through the procurement processes.

Take a look through our library to get ideas on improving governance and refining your procurement processes.


Challenges of Innovative Projects and/or Preferential Treatment under the Tendering Process in NSW Local Government

This white paper seeks to encourage open discussion and feedback on requirements for local government tendering in New South Wales. This paper evolved from the work LGP’s Customer Reference Group. 


Find out more about LGP through our suite of short videos containing staff profiles, handy tips on procurement and other services that LGP offer. You can find more videos on our youtube channel.


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Disaster Recovery Support

We all need to pull together when disaster hits and LGP has drawn up a disaster recovery program to provide relief in a number of ways. Our broad network gives us access to private organisations, targeted programs, government groups and a range of initiatives to support redevelopment and future resilience.

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Connection to other councils and organisations allows you to broaden your knowledge base, request assistance and share ideas. Get answers to specific questions by raising your own query or taking a look through historical threads.

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