Local Government Procurement


Professional Consulting Services

Contract Term
Three (3) years
Commencement Date
1 October 2021
Expiry Date
30 September 2024
Period of extended term
Three (3) terms each of Twelve (12) months
Final Expiry Date
30 September 2027
Purchasing Threshold
The maximum value for Professional Consulting Services of a contract under this arrangement is limited to $1,000,000.00 (including GST). Where the professional consultancy services for an individual project is anticipated to exceed the contract limit, please contact LGP to discuss further to determine whether an exemption may be granted.

LGP has appointed the suppliers under a Standing Offer Deed.

LGP Customers accessing the pricing offered under this arrangement will access services/products through VendorPanel from the suppliers.

As the calling of tenders by LGP meets all requirements of the Local Government Act Regulations (and that LGP has achieved Prescription), LGP Customers do not need to independently tender for items purchased under this supply arrangement.

Pricing is available through quotation from the suppliers and may be subject to variations depending on the contract in place.



  • Architectural and Interior Design Services
  • Asset Management Services
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Civil Engineering Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Heritage Conservation and Planning Services
  • Landscape Architecture and Design Services
  • Planning, Design and Development Services
  • Surveying Services
  • Water and Waste Water Engineering Services
  • Risk and Safety Services

For more detailed information on the scope of this contract, refer to the Part D Specification in the Standing Offer Deed, learn more via LGP’s e-quotation system VendorPanel. 

LGP Approved Contractors

Name & ACN Status
4D Surveying Pty LtdACN 137 657 375Approved
AEC Group Pty LtdACN 087 828 902Approved
AECOM Services Pty LtdACN 000 691 690Approved
APC Environmental ManagementACN 077 504 226Approved
APP Corporation Pty LimitedACN 003 764 770Approved Pending Deed
APV Valuers & Asset ManagementACN 089 058 775Approved
AT & L and Associates Pty LtdACN 130 882 405Approved
Access Environmental PlanningACN 149 780 549Approved
Acor Consultants Pty LtdACN 079 306 246Approved
Alluvium Consulting Australia Pty LtdACN 151 119 792Approved
Arcadia Landscape Architecture Pty LimitedACN 148 994 870Approved
Ardill Payne & PartnersABN 51 808 558 977Approved Pending Deed
Arii Smits Pty LimitedACN 056 071 848Approved
Arkhill EngineersACN 003 867 374Approved
Artefact Heritage Services Pty LtdACN 144 973 526Approved
Arup Pty LtdACN 000 966 165Approved
Aspect Australia Pty LimitedACN 080 381 979Approved
Aspect Process Services Pty LtdACN 102 238 442Approved
Asset Technologies Pacific Pty LtdACN 087 729 422Approved
Assetic Australia Pty LtdACN 126 629 954Approved
Atom ConsultingACN 098 130 968Approved
AustrafficABN 163 650 897Approved
Australian Wetlands Consulting Pty LtdACN 140 533 919Approved
BG&E Pty LimitedACN 150 804 603Approved
BKA ArchitectureACN 081 700 352Approved
BMT Commercial Australia Pty LtdACN 010 830 421Approved
Balmoral Group Australia Pty LtdACN 135 700 239Approved
Barker Ryan Stewart Pty LimitedACN 134 067 842Approved
Beca Pty LtdACN 004 974 341Approved
Bitzios Consulting Pty LtdACN 106 887 487Approved
Blueprint Planning ConsultantsABN 33 990 627 371Approved Pending Deed
Brandon and Associates Pty LtdACN 104 611 113Approved
Bridge Design Pty LtdACN 145 429 063Approved Pending Deed
Building Services Engineers Pty LimitedACN 084 076 200Approved
CKDS Architecture Pty LtdACN 129 231 269Approved
CT Management Group Pty LtdACN 072 083 795Approved
CTECS Pty LimitedACN 608 767 424Approved
Calibre Professional Services Pty LtdACN 070 683 037Approved
Cardno (NSW/ACT) Pty LtdACN 001 145 035Approved
Catchment Simulation Solutions Pty LtdACN 116 032 887Approved
City Plan Heritage Pty LimitedACN 103 185 413Approved
City Water Technology Pty LtdACN 052 448 094Approved
Clearsafe Environmental Solutions Pty LtdACN 146 947 766Approved Pending Deed
Clouston Associates (Australia) Pty LtdACN 003 049 616Approved
Collins and Turner Pty LtdACN 143 281 618Approved
Complete Urban Pty LtdACN 100 037 812Approved
Constructive Solutions Pty LtdACN 070 324 640Approved
Conybeare Morrison International Pty LtdACN 055 972 248Approved
Craig and Rhodes Pty LimitedACN 050 209 991Approved
DHI Water and Environment Pty LtdACN 086 137 911Approved
Degotardi Smith and PartnersABN 67 588 967 472Approved
Demlakian Consulting EngineersACN 136 259 857Approved
Donnelley Simpson Cleary Consulting Engineers Pty LtdACN 050 611 437Approved
Douglas PartnersACN 053 980 117Approved
Dreise Tucker ATOL Pty LtdACN 161 944 752Approved
Durkin Construction Pty LtdACN 615 246 118Approved
EC Sustainable Pty LtdACN 163 386 061Approved
Earthwise Environmental ConsultantsABN 53 856 093 853Approved
Eco Logical Australia Pty LtdACN 096 512 088Approved Pending Deed
Ecological Consultants Australia Pty LtdACN 166 535 039Approved
Elton Consulting Group Pty LtdACN 003 853 101Approved Pending Deed
Environmental Earth Sciences NSWACN 109 404 006Approved
Environmental Partnership (NSW) Pty LtdACN 088 175 437Approved
Erbas and Associates Pty LtdACN 077 132 266Approved
GAT & Associates Pty LtdACN 107 515 917Approved
GHD Pty LtdACN 008 488 373Approved
GTA Consultants (NSW) Pty LtdACN 131 369 376Approved
Genium Civil Engineering Pty LtdACN 169 355 122Approved
Gilbert & Sutherland Pty LtdACN 077 310 840Approved
Golder Associates Pty LtdACN 006 107 857Approved
Gondwana Consulting Pty LtdACN 118 335 185Approved
Group GSA Pty LtdACN 002 113 779Approved
Harrison Friedmann & Associates Pty LtdACN 001 953 331Approved
Henry & HymasACN 091 243 355Approved
Hill PDA Pty LtdACN 003 963 755Approved
Homewood ConsultingACN 113 595 430Approved
Hunter H2OACN 602 201 552Approved
HydroStorm Consulting Pty LtdACN 151 320 491Approved
Hydrosphere Consulting Pty LtdACN 132 716 397Approved Pending Deed
Indesco Pty LimitedACN 008 581 066Approved Pending Deed
Integrated Environmental Pty LtdACN 169 255 841Approved
International Conservation Services Pty LtdACN 052 402 981Approved
J Wyndham Prince Pty LtdACN 002 318 621Approved
JDH Architects Pty LtdACN 110 978 802Approved
JHA Consulting Engineers (NSW) Pty LtdACN 612 666 172Approved
Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty LtdACN 001 024 095Approved
James Mather Delaney Design Pty LtdACN 128 554 638Approved
James Rose Consulting Pty LtdACN 113 541 905Approved
Jetty Research Pty LtdACN 121 037 429Approved
John Brunton Planning Pty LtdACN 167 788 365Approved
Jones Nicholson Pty LtdACN 003 316 032Approved
KI Studio Pty LtdACN 097 285 633Approved
KJ PlanningACN 607 488 979Approved
Kellogg Brown & Root Pty LtdACN 007 660 317Approved
King & Campbell Pty LtdACN 001 105 442Approved
LT Urban Engineering Pty LtdACN 168 530 096Approved
LTS LockleyACN 097 259 937Approved
Lambert & Rehbein (SEQ) Pty LtdACN 126 939 768Approved
LandTeam Australia Pty LimitedACN 132 758 831Approved
Lands Advisory Services Pty LtdACN 607 533 862Approved
Lighting Art & Science Pty LtdACN 152 715 921Approved
Lion Systems Pty LtdACN 158 853 215Approved
Living TurfACN 105 996 307Approved
Local Government Engineering Services Pty LtdACN 055 099 557Approved
Lyall & Associates Consulting Water EngineersABN 93 257 653 251Approved
MJM Environmental Pty LtdACN 896 000 019Approved Pending Deed
MRA Consulting GroupACN 143 273 812Approved
Macquarie Geotechnical Pty LtdACN 102 691 056Approved
Macroplan Holdings Pty LtdACN 603 148 545Approved
Marline Newcastle Pty LtdACN 612 456 381Approved
Marsh Pty LtdACN 004 651 512Approved
McCullum Ashby ArchitectsACN 001 537 266Approved
Mecone NSW Pty LtdACN 148 846 806Approved Pending Deed
Meinhardt Infrastructure & Environment Pty LtdACN 100 868 979Approved
Melocco and Moore Architects Pty LtdACN 066 535 948Approved
Michael Davies Architecture Pty LtdACN 610 776 648Approved
Midcoast Consulting EngineersABN 96 262 219 013Approved
Mike Brearley & Associates Pty LtdACN 155 215 731Approved
Mitchell BrandtmanACN 159 149 014Approved
Mode Design Corp. Pty. LtdACN 112 807 931Approved
Moir Landscape Architecture Pty LtdACN 097 558 908Approved
Molino StewartACN 067 774 332Approved
Morrison Low Consultants Pty LtdACN 093 400 410Approved
Mott MacdonaldACN 134 120 353Approved
NBRS & Partners Pty LimitedACN 002 247 565Approved
NGH Pty LtdACN 124 444 622Approved
Naturecall EnvironmentalACN 127 154 787Approved
Navin Officer Heritage Consultants Pty LtdACN 092 901 605Approved
Neilly Davies & Partners Pty LimitedACN 121 623 550Approved
Niche Environment and Heritage Pty LtdACN 137 111 721Approved
NorthcroftACN 058 439 455Approved
Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty LtdACN 094 433 100Approved Pending Deed
Norton Survey Partners Pty LtdACN 618 980 475Approved
Oculus Landscape Architecture Urban Design Environmental Planning Pty LimitedACN 074 882 447Approved
Optimal Stormwater Pty LtdACN 139 725 894Approved
OranasoftABN 94 833 615 862Approved
Orion Consulting Engineers Pty LtdACN 604 069 981Approved Pending Deed
OzArk Environmental & Heritage Management Pty LtdACN 104 582 354Approved
PSA Consulting (Australia) Pty LtdACN 109 836 197Approved
Parkland PlannersACN 114 513 647Approved
Pavement Management Services Pty LtdACN 002 245 329Approved
Peak ServicesACN 115 959 021Approved Pending Deed
Peter Andrews & Associates Pty LtdACN 002 843 763Approved
Phillips MarlerABN 43 353 412 187Approved
Pitt & Sherry (Operations) Pty LtdACN 140 184 309Approved
Plandev Pty LtdACN 121 669 789Approved
Planit Consulting Pty LtdACN 099 261 711Approved
Planning Ingenuity Pty LtdACN 095 430 952Approved
PremiseACN 620 885 832Approved
Prensa Pty LtdACN 142 106 581Approved
Progressive Risk Management Pty LtdACN 167 330 298Approved
Project SurveyorsACN 684 339 974Approved
Proterra GroupACN 626 886 771Approved
Public Works AdvisoryABN 81 913 830 179Approved
RGH Consulting Group Pty LtdACN 143 169 724Approved Pending Deed
RPS Australia East Pty LtdACN 140 292 762Approved Pending Deed
RPS Manidis Roberts Pty LtdACN 003 550 972Approved
Rapid Map Services Pty LtdACN 093 340 839Approved
Regional Enviroscience Pty LimitedACN 157 918 262Approved
Regional Geotechnical Solutions Pty LimitedACN 141 848 820Approved
Rivland SurveyorsACN 107 681 461Approved
RoadNet Pty LtdACN 070 034 347Approved
Robert Bird Group Pty LtdACN 010 580 248Approved
Royal HaskoningDHVACN 153 656 252Approved
Rudds Consulting Engineers Pty LtdACN 054 221 162Approved
SARM Architects Pty LimitedACN 000 663 623Approved
SESL AustraliaACN 106 810 708Approved
SJB ArchitectsACN 081 947 724Approved
SJB Planning (NSW) Pty LtdACN 112 509 501Approved
SLR Consulting (Australia) Pty LtdACN 001 584 612Approved
SMEC Australia Pty LtdACN 065 475 149Approved
SPM Assets Pty LimitedACN 136 735 530Approved
Salt3ACN 150 090 207Approved
Sam Crawford ArchitectsACN 165 409 567Approved
Savills Project Management Pty LtdACN 129 012 700Approved Pending Deed
Scott Fullarton Valuations Pty LtdACN 003 683 878Approved
Slattery Australia Pty LtdACN 078 085 462Approved
Stantec Australia Pty LtdACN 007 820 322Approved
Strategy HunterABN 76 157 762 441Approved
Sturt Noble Associates Pty LtdACN 164 245 514Approved
Sue Rosen and Associates Pty LtdACN 053 393 598Approved
Sustainability Workshop Pty LtdACN 161 347 780Approved
TAR Technologies Pty LtdACN 099 564 995Approved
TSS Total Surveying Solutions Pty LtdACN 603 458 546Approved
Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects Pty LimitedACN 098 724 988Approved
Taylor Thomson Whitting (NSW) Pty LtdACN 113 578 377Approved
Tetra Tech Coffey Pty LtdACN 139 460 521Approved
The Peron GroupACN 600 736 294Approved
The University of New South WalesABN 57 195 873 179Approved
Thompson Berrill Landscape Design Pty LtdACN 082 033 565Approved
Tonkin Consulting Pty LtdACN 606 247 876Approved
Total Earth CareACN 169 797 960Approved
Tract Consultants Pty LtdACN 055 213 842Approved
Umbaco Landscape Architects Pty LtdACN 119 071 046Approved
Umwelt (Australia) Pty LtdACN 059 519 041Approved Pending Deed
Urban Perspectives Environmental Solutions Pty LtdACN 095 904 224Approved
Urbis Pty LtdACN 105 256 228Approved
Vantage Environmental ManagementACN 124 916 605Approved
Virtus Heritage Pty LtdACN 159 910 228Approved
WMA Water Pty LtdACN 600 315 053Approved Pending Deed
WSP Australia Pty LimitedACN 078 004 798Approved Pending Deed
Warren Smith & PartnersACN 002 197 088Approved
Webber ArchitectsACN 140 652 188Approved Pending Deed
Wilde and Woollard Pacific Pty LtdACN 081 162 496Approved
Worley Parsons Services Pty LtdACN 001 279 812Approved

Approved status on this page indicates that contractors have signed their Standing Offer Deed and are now an LGP Approved Contractor. They will appear in VendorPanel after completion of all activation requirements.

In addition to the LGP approved contractors, selected contractors have nominated Authorised Agents/Subcontractors (includes: Partners/Resellers/Dealers). These are listed under the heading Authorised Agents/Subcontractors (includes: Partners/Resellers/Dealers).


When placing orders, you MUST include the contract number, or you may NOT be covered under the terms and conditions of the LGP contract.

Tendered Rates
Information regarding LGP’s pricing can be found in VendorPanel. Rates located under this tab are generally for low volumes and one off purchases. For large or committed volumes or projects in scope of this contract a Request for Quotation (RFQ) can be requested from contractors on the panel.

Councils should note that LGP panel members update insurance on a cyclical basis. LGP will expedite any outstanding information, but regardless, insurance policies can be cancelled or lapse at any time and councils should always seek confirmation directly from contractors where-ever contract risk is high.

The preferred method of seeking a quote is via VendorPanel. A RFQ template is available to assist with completing a well considered specification. 

For more information on making purchases see our How to Guide.

Forward your purchase order to the contractor including the agreed rate as set out in the price schedule. This should be undertaken in accordance with your organisation’s procurement policy. Ensure that the LGP contract number is included on the purchase order.

The full benefits of a contract can be realised by making a commitment to it.
Commitment can be demonstrated by completing the notice of participation form. This will be used to notify contractors that all purchases made via the approved contractor will be done so under the contract, provided it is within scope.

Note. The Participation Form is not a contract, nor does it lock council into using this arrangement. Council may alter this arrangement at any time.

Yes, via a Nominee Authorisation. Customers may appoint an entity to make purchases from LGP approved contractors on their behalf. These purchases are for goods and/or services that are within scope of the LGP contract and are required for works and services that the entity is undertaking on behalf of the LGP customer.

Please contact your Business Manager for more information and a copy of the authorisation and acceptance form.

Customers will be supplied a tax invoice directly by the contractor. All payments will be made to the contractor in accordance with clause 26.3 of the Standard terms of Contract between a Customer and Contractor (Schedule 5 of the Head Agreement (standing offer deed)) i.e. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a Customer must make such payment by the end of the month following the month of invoice.

Contact the contractor directly. If the issue cannot be resolved, contact your Business Manager.

Yes, some LGP contracts have purchasing thresholds. If a contract has a purchasing threshold this will be advised in VendorPanel under LGP Lists Contract Details.

This video tutorial will teach LGP Approved Customers how to locate LGP contract information on the LGP website.

Notice to Participate

The purpose of this Notice of Participation is to:

• Notify LGP approved contractors of Council’s intention to participate;

• Demonstrate compliance with the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) (Section 55 Tendering);

• Facilitate the ability to track all purchases under the named Local Government Procurement (LGP) contract; and

• Ensure that Council accurately receives any LGP rebate applicable to this contract.

Completion of this form DOES NOT ‘lock’ your Council into a contract. Rather, this Notice of Participation is an instrument used to demonstrate your Council’s intention to purchase goods and/or services under the agreed LGP contractual conditions until otherwise notified.

Please ensure that any Council staff authorised to issue purchase orders are aware of Council’s intention to access this LGP contract and that they are able to access information in order to follow the LGP process.

Full explanation on how the Notice of Participation operates

There are three options included under this arrangement as adopted terms and conditions of the LGP1208-4 contract for Professional Consulting Services. The highest level option is Australian Standard contract AS 4122-2010. Please refer to the Engaging approved contractors section for more information.

Where the professional consultancy services for an individual project is anticipated to exceed the $1,000,000 (incl. GST) contract limit, please contact LGP to discuss further to determine whether an exemption may be granted.

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