Local Government Procurement Annual Conference

Local Government Procurement Conference 2017

Building Procurement Capability and Embracing Innovation


The early bird rate has been extended to Friday 10 November. 



The Local Government Procurement Annual Conference is a landmark event within the NSW local government procurement sector. This event is poised to grow bigger and better with challenging and encouraging topics, speakers and ideas.

With a program based on key topics revolving around procurement professionals, technology, supplier relationship management, sustainability, innovation and future trends, we will provide you with fresh perspectives and plenty of innovative ideas you can implement into your organisation's procurement process for enhanced outcomes.

Dates and location

The conference will be held on Thursday 30 November and Friday 1 December 2017 at the Sydney Masonic Centre, 66 Goulburn Street Sydney.

Who should attend?

The conference will bring together local government professionals to hear and learn about a range of procurement challenges within the sector. Local Government Procurement welcomes all staff working in local government.  This conference is an ideal event for those involved in procurement, in particular:

  • Procurement Managers
  • Governance Managers
  • Purchasing Officers
  • Contracts Managers
  • General Managers and Senior Managers


Click here to view the draft program.  

The conference is coordinated by Local Government Procurement based on the needs of sector, with input and feedback from procurement professionals incorporated into the conference and program.

Below is a brief synopsis of session topics.


Are diversity and integrity essential ingredients for performing teams?
Presenter: Sue Woodall –  Paradigm2c

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of high-performing companies.  As procurement leaders, a key question for us is ‘how diverse’ are we as leaders’. 

Do we have sufficient diversity in our networks, experience and style to drive innovative, competitive value to our stakeholders?Few would disagree that integrity is the cornerstone for performance.  As procurement executives managing expenditure of more than $100M, are we confident we have integrity and transparency across the supply chain and in our suppliers’ supply chain?


















ISO 20400 – A guide to integrating sustainability within procurement
Presenter: Jean-Louis Haie – Director, Action Sustainability Asia Pacific

The first international standard on sustainable procurement, ISO 20400, was published in April 2017. The session will provide a quick overview of the standard and how it can be used to efficiently achieve social, environmental and economic outcomes through procurement, as well as a presentation of the new LGP ISO 20400 training to be launched in February 2018.

Innovative Contracts
Presenter: Monica Kelly – Principal, Prevention Partners NSW

Keeping with the theme of innovation in local government procurement, and maintaining our focus on avoidance of corporate risk in tendering, this presentation will discuss how to best manage the intellectual property that accompanies many contracts.

We will look at what intellectual property is, how it may pose risks for your council, and how to best mitigate those risks.

Procurement capability delivering value to your organisation into the future
Presenter: Jonathan Dutton – JD Consultancy

As savings continue to diminish over time, procurement has to find other ways to bring value to the organisation, whilst pressurised councils seek better outcomes for less resources.

Stakeholders are demanding ever more from busy procurement teams – and redefining success at the same time. Sustainable and transparent procurement, socially responsible supply chains, real-time probity & compliance and better outcomes are all expected.

Meanwhile, the three levers to improve procurement capability (People, Process & Technology) are fast becoming only two. As good process and technology become indivisible, how can procurement teams today merge these seemingly competing forces of higher expectations and lower resources  into a formula for success?

The emerging role of technology in driving social procurement outcomes
Presenter: James Leathem –  Chief Executive Officer, VendorPanel

Social procurement is quickly becoming a powerful tool by which organisations can channel existing spend to make a real positive impact for their community. Some of the challenges however are, how to navigate the breadth of ‘social’ and ‘minority’ suppliers, and how to tap into higher volume of lower risk procurement activities as a driver of positive change, more relevant to SMEs. This topic explores these opportunities and challenges, and the emerging role of technology in this area.

The "Value" of quantifying value!
Presenter: Harry Banga – Partner, SimPPLY

Procurement has the opportunity to establish a true value proposition beyond the tender process. This value can also be quantified, thus allowing the tender activities to be in the context of a holistic stakeholder and customer centric support model.

This session will propose greater upstream and downstream value propositions and the role procurement can play in increasing this value, as well as how this value can be quantified for greater benefits to the business and customers/ratepayers.

Decoding Digital Cities – Making Things Real
Presenter: Merrick Spain – Smart Cities Lead, Telstra Enterprise

The national ‘smart cities’ initiative is forcing councils to innovate and change how they address future economic, demographic and environmental challenges. From the start, the emphasis in the Smart Cities conversation has been on understanding the role that technology can play in delivering socio-economic benefits for councils. In more recent times, there has been widespread recognition that approaches need to be centred on communities, but for many cities and their communities, the conversation has not progressed further. Cities have been slow to build this understanding in context of the lack of experience with the relevant technologies given their recent advent.

An avalanche of technologies like IoT, Big Data and Connected Autonomous Vehicles hold the potential to dramatically improve service delivery, provide evidence-based decision making and deliver a range of other benefits for councils, but more broadly underpin enormous social and economic gains. Let's explore the breadth and depth of these opportunities and get some insight into what cities around the country and abroad have already done and are doing, and how council’s should approach taking their next steps.

Panel Sessions

  • Counter-terrorism - Local government procurement's future role in providing public safety

  • How can innovation in public sector procurement build local government's capability

  • Step into the fast lane - Driverless cars setting the pace for local government fleet managers


There are three registration options to choose from which all include:

  • Full attendance at the two day conference
  • Conference pack
  • Conference dinner on Thursday evening.

Early bird rate: $990 inc GST (extended to 10 November)
Standard rate: $1,320 inc GST (available from 11 November)
Special rate: free attendance for general managers and directors, when attending with a registered council officer.



The special accommodation rates have for the Vibe Hotel and Travelodge Sydney have been exhausted.  You are still able to book directly via the links below.

Vibe Hotel Sydney, 111 Goulburn Street Sydney 
To book, please visit Vibe Hotel Sydney.

Travelodge Sydney, 27 Wentworth Avenue Sydney
To book, please visit Travelodge Hotel Sydney.

Sponsorship opportunities

The Local Government Procurement Conference is an established industry event for NSW local government. The conference provides a unique opportunity for suppliers to showcase their goods and services to a cross section of procurement professionals and key decision makers from across the state over two days.  It is also an excellent opportunity to attract potential customers and build on existing relationships already established. Based on previous year's attendance it is anticipated that over 100 local government professionals will attend the conference from around the state.

For further information view the Sponsorship Prospectus or register here.

Further information

For further information contact the LGP Events Team, Emma Murray or Selina Pinheiro or call 02 8270 8743.




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