LGP Procurement and Contract Management Hub

LGP Procurement & Contract Management Hub

Local Government Procurement (LGP) is pleased to introduce the LGP Procurement & Contract Management Hub

As part of our commitment to enhance procurement within NSW Local Government and based on our deep understanding and ongoing relationship with the sector, LGP in collaboration with Portt and ArcBlue has designed a powerful and easy to use contract management system. This system will ensure compliance and audit requirements of the NSW Audit Office and address specific council needs, while implementing a change management program.

This system is designed to give your council a single point of access to proactively and effectively utilise and manage the life cycle of council contracts. The user-friendly hub will guide and channel council users to important procurement information, governance documents and seamlessly through to the contract management system.

Key Benefits

•    Improved operational efficiency through systematic, monitored and consistent approach. 
•    Contract compliance through complete transparency on all contract activities.
•    Reduced risk exposure by complying to audit and legislative requirements.
•    Enhanced profile of Procurement and become a strategic function within councils’ operations. 
•    Improved decision making with reports and information at your fingertips for better visibility. 
•    Improved capability with workflows and templates developed with sector expertise.
•    Embed and track milestones and change with functional and interactive tools.
•    Modular solution that adapts to evolving needs.
•    Program is delivered with supported implementation and change management program

Key Features

LGP Procurement & Contract Management Hub A portal that has been designed and maintained by procurement professionals with the non-procurement person in mind.
Guided buying A guided buying tool that channels your users through the right process first time
My contracts A simple tool established to provide access to Councils contract register. From here all contracts can be actively managed.
Request a quote Simple access to VendorPanel (or RFQ form) with linkages to guided buying.
Run a tender Control and oversight on all tender planning and execution activities that gives procurement unprecedented access to all activity within Council.
News feed A window to provide all users with up to date information, tips and tricks about procurement and contract management processes.
Ask the expert This link can be directed to either Councils procurement contact or for an annual fee we can provide a procurement help desk (see additional services).
Useful links A list of easy access to useful websites and information that includes links to LGP, NSW Procurement, Local Government Act, etc.
Policies A central location for all procurement and contract management policies. (We are able to assist with any policy or procedure development requirements as an additional service).
Learning academy Access to all procurement and contract management training materials, quizzes, certificates of completion, etc.
Induction This provides a simple training for Procurement essentials to help staff understand procurement requirements in the system.
Forum This is a link to all other NSW procurement personnel via the LGP Forum.
Analytics All Council procurement and contract data presented via ArcBlue Dashboards (additional service).
LEAP All LEAP Activity, development and savings plan are all linked via the Hub (additional services).

Three Years Program Journey

Our three-year program is designed to deliver the solution successfully while aligning to council capabilities and outcomes.



Item Standard * Standard Plus
Pre-load selected council contract data into the system tick.jpg tick.jpg
Contract management system records 250 records 500 records
System configuration, implementation, user testing and 1 day acceptance 1 day 3 days
Guided user training for all levels of procurement and other relevant staff (face to face) 1 day 2 days
Council branding   tick.jpg
Supported set up:  50< contracts   tick.jpg
Single sign-on   tick.jpg
Project management, change management & communications plan   tick.jpg
Workshops year 2 & 3: Annual health check & contract cleanse   tick.jpg
15 days/year technical support   tick.jpg
Year 2 & 3: Access to ongoing system upgrades and enhancements   tick.jpg
Program duration 3 years 3 years
Cost per annum $30,000 $70,000
Additional services and resources available on request tick.jpg tick.jpg

*Recommended for small rural councils.

LGP has recognised that the successful implementation of such a system needs to be done with ‘Change Management’ as the focus led by procurement and contract management professionals. We build the program around a ‘Cohort’ of 5 councils at a time to ensure a network and community of practice is created and supported.

LGP is seeking councils that would be interested to join the next cohort, commencing shortly. If you would like to register your interest, please CLICK HERE.

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For more information please contact Mark Osborne, Project Manager on 02 8270 8714 or email.