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Tania Lalor
Senior Consultant, Sustainable Procurement
02 8270 8703

Tania Lalor

Tania is a sustainability consultant specialising in sustainable procurement. Tania is able to provide professional consulting advice to guide the integration of sustainability (economic, social and environmental) considerations within procurement.

With 20 years' experience in environment and sustainability in both the private and public sectors, she has been involved in environmental planning and assessment, tender evaluation, governance and sustainability in procurement.

Tania is a member of the Australian Circular Economy Hub Circular Procurement Working Group. The working group collaborates to implement circular procurement amongst government and business by addressing barriers to adoption.

Tania was a member of the Australian committee for the development of ISO 20400 the international guidance standard for sustainable procurement and was also involved in drafting the associated guideline ‘Building the Business Case for Sustainable Procurement in Australia’. In her role with Sustainable Choice, she was instrumental in developing LGP’s tool to measure the sustainable procurement progress of member councils against ISO 20400 annually.

Considered a leader in Sustainable Procurement in the local government sector, she represents LGP and local government interests in numerous forums, working groups, focus groups and partnerships relating to sustainable procurement, circular economy, and modern slavery.

Tania also works with LGP Approved Contractors to better their sustainability awareness and performance. Tania is a regular speaker, workshop facilitator and coordinator for sustainable procurement related topics and has developed content for sustainable procurement and modern slavery related procurement documentation and training. Tania also designed and developed LGP’s modern slavery risk assessment process that is applied annually across all LGP Approved Contractors and has been conducted for a number of councils across their supplier base.

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