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Hadi Rezaei Vandchali
Consultant, ESG and Procurement Services
02 8270 8714

Hadi Rezaei Vandchali

Hadi is an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) consultant specialising in sustainable procurement. He is able to provide high quality procurement training and consulting services to make sure that every stage of the procurement process reflects LGP’s dedication to sustainability, driving positive environmental and social impact for a better future.

Prior to joining LGP, he served as a university lecturer dedicating his efforts to educating, researching, and investigating best practices, frameworks, latest insights and developments within the realm of procurement sustainability. He also has several years of hands-on industry experience in different parts of supply chain before starting his academic career. This unique combination of academic and industry experience over the past 15 years provided him with a profound understanding of the developing and implementing strategic solutions and supporting organisations on how to position procurement as a value adding function, particularly in terms of sustainability.

Hadi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, Master’s degree in Industrial Management and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Supply Chain Management.

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