Andrea Belsan

Andrea Belsan
Contracts Administrator
02 8270 8741

Andrea joined LGP in June 2019 as a Contracts Administrator. She has 20+ years of experience in diverse roles across various countries, and in various industries. These include Business and Sales, HR & Controlling Administration, as well as experienced Contracts Administrator including Procurement.


Previously, Andrea worked in several multi-entity organizational companies, one of which included construction and transport industries.  She has provided administration support to Development/Project/Procurement and Contract Managers, such as Darling Harbour Live Project at Lendlease and North-West Project at Sydney Metro.


Prior to relocating to Australia (6 years ago), Andrea lived and worked in Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. She is multi-lingual, and has extremely proficient interpersonal co-operation as well as high quality communication skills with clients and customers. 

Andrea is tenacious and prides herself on ensuring timely and quality delivery of key objectives. She enjoys working autonomously and meeting and working with customers and stakeholders.


Andrea holds a Vocational Diploma of Railway Traffic and Transport, as well as various certificates in HR Development, Management in Healthcare and Social Work, Education & Career, Consulting and Development. 

Andrea is keen to continue her personal and professional career with further studies and development in procurement and contract management field.