Tenders & Contracts Team

LGP’s tender and contract team is the skilled, professional cog that is responsible for the short and long term planning of LGP tenders and contracts. This experienced team of specialists support the LGP business management team, local government customers and LGP approved contractors through what can be a complex maze called procurement.

The tender team is responsible for the collation of information and feedback, the creation and maintenance of procurement documents, the management of tenders and tenderers and the preparation of contract at commencement.

The contracts team is responsible for management of the contract and contracts during the life of the contract. This team ensures that the integrity of the contracts are maintained, that contractor compliance is valid and that the contracts are effective.

Phill Scott

IACCM Fellow PRIProb
Head of Tendering and Contracts
phone.png 02 8270 8702
mobile.png 0437 404 225
email.png [email protected]

Michelle Burgess

Contractor Relationships Manager
phone.png 02 8270 8719
mobile.png 0455 081 845
email.png [email protected]

Heidi Wolfenden

Contracts and Legal Officer
phone.png 02 8270 8721
email.png [email protected]

Marie Talevska

Dip Govt (P&C), QM-AAPCM
Category Manager, Fleet and Engineering
phone.png 02 8270 8705
mobile.png 0410 442 966
email.png [email protected]

Melani Muraleetharan

Legal & Governance Administrative Assistant
phone.png 02 8270 8722
email.png [email protected]

Peter Flood

Category Manager, Utilities
phone.png 02 8270 8727
mobile.png 0477 354 962
email.png [email protected]

Ayesha Huq

Senior Contracts Administrator
phone.png 02 8270 8720
email.png [email protected]

Marija Nedanovski

Tenders Administrator
phone.png 02 8270 8728
email.png [email protected]

Lydia Atmadja

Contracts Administrator
phone.png 02 8270 8742
email.png [email protected]

Shivani Ghai

Bachelors in Computer Science & Engineering
Tenders Administrator
phone.png 02 8270 8707
email.png [email protected]

Mihaela Stancu

Utilities Administrator & Analyst
phone.png 02 8270 8737
email.png [email protected]

Betty Jovic

Tenders Administrator
phone.png 02 8270 8736
email.png [email protected]

Daniel Marin

Category Manager, IT & Services
phone.png 02 8270 8732
mobile.png 0459 855 297
email.png dm[email protected]

Tariq Dahleh

Procurement Manager - Tenders
phone.png 02 8270 8723
mobile.png 0426 563 499
email.png [email protected]

Holly Cheung

Tenders Administrator
phone.png 02 8270 8739
email.png [email protected]