At LGP our Business Development Managers (BDMs) have been specifically chosen for their experience, expertise and knowledge. The BDMs work with all NSW councils to understand their sourcing and procurement needs, provide specialised advice, and support in the use of LGP contracts, engaging LGP Training and the LGP Consulting Team. Click here to find out which business development manager can best assist you.

Jerram Fairclough

Customer Support Officer
phone.png 02 8270 8731
email.png [email protected]

Luke Kenny

Chief Executive Officer
phone.png 02 8270 8701
mobile.png 0421 059 172
email.png [email protected]

Michael He

Business Development Manager - Southern Region
phone.png 02 8270 8715
mobile.png 0427 620 913
email.png [email protected]

Bronwyn Challis

Business Development Manager - Northern Region
phone.png 02 8270 8724
mobile.png 0459 854 043
email.png [email protected]

Aisha Rahman

Business Development Manager - Western Region
phone.png 02 8270 8708
mobile.png 0424 591451
email.png [email protected]