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LGP Consulting Services run a series of webinars on a regular basis. Attendance to these webinars is by invitation only. These webinars focus on creating awareness on various topics of interest to Local Government. We aim to cover topics and issues that our clients will find useful.

If there is a specific topic you would like us to consider, please contact us via the contact details below.

4 June

Five Bold Moves to Embed Sustainability in Procurement

Councils typically face many challenges to embedding sustainability in their procurement processes. Most councils have a decentralised or centre-led procurement model, so success requires the engagement of staff across all departments and at many different levels of accountability.

Sustainable procurement shouldn’t be seen as additional work: it needs to be seen as simply good procurement. For any council with sustainability goals, embedding sustainability into procurement will help the organisation achieve those – and more.

We invite you to join a webinar to hear about five practical actions you can take to make progress on sustainable procurement at your council. We will explain how each of these actions can help you embed sustainable procurement in an organisation, why they’re important, and how they relate to ISO 20400 – Sustainable Procurement Guidance Standard. And most importantly, you’ll hear how to make these happen at your council.

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