Webinar – Procurement eLearning - Overview

Webinar – Procurement eLearning

Join us on Tuesday 20 June for a complimentary webinar on the aims and benefits of LGP's eLearning program.

ProcureLearn offers a ‘right now’ approach to training. Experience bite-sized modules from your computer or laptop, easily fitting into your daily work schedule. Specifically designed for NSW council employees engaged in any aspect of purchasing.

The program aims to:
• Develop and enhance the standard of procurement across a region or council
• Provide a technically proficient progress path for procurement professionals
• Teach best practice procurement through the latest training
• Provide technical understanding of probity and policy legislation
• Offer a cost-effective training solution for a region or council.

Benefits include:
• Training that provides insights into skill gaps with the opportunity to target development
• Pre-and post-learning assessments to ensure knowledge transfer
• Completion tracking that can be measured and reported
• Access to refresher modules upon module completion
• Access to FAQ and an ask-the-expert forum.

ProcureLearn eLearning modules include:

   Procurement essentials, made up of 4 modules, designed for non procurement purchasers

•   Contract management essentials
This course is designed to provide the learner with techniques and tools to effectively manage supplier relationships. Commencing with an overview of why contract management is important, it covers the fundamental elements of good practice. Topics covered:
    o Introduction to contract management
    o Procurement impact on contract management
    o Contract management planning
    o Performance management
    o Contract mobilisation
    o Contract close-out

•   Probity in purchasing and procurement, Is an essential course for anyone who raises a purchase order, authorises a contract or procurement exercise or is involved in buying in any way.

Included with the three-package course, receive access to specialised procurement topics:
•   Risk management
•   Supplier evaluation
•   Sustainable procurement


Tuesday, 20 June, 2017 -
10:30 to 11:30