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VendorPanel 101 – Tip 3

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VendorPanel 101 – Tip 3

Hello again, can you believe it’s October already? A quick recap – by now you’ve got access to VendorPanel, logged in & are becoming comfortable with the portal. This month I wanted to explore the tab highlighted in red below – “Browse suppliers by category”.

Clicking the link opens the below & you may be wondering what the difference is between “Local Government Procurement” & *”Public Marketplace” lists.

*You will only see “Browse Public Marketplace” option if you have an upgraded VendorPanel license.

Suppliers & Contractors who have gone through the onboarding process with us at the time of tender become LGP Approved Suppliers. Only those suppliers appear on Local Government Procurement Lists. We have vetted them for your convenience & safety. The Public Marketplace is simply a list of suppliers who have registered with VendorPanel.

If you click on “VIEW LISTS” it takes you to a list of our current contracts, active suppliers & related documents.

Clicking on “USE THESE” next to “Browse Local Government Procurement lists” allows you to search for the products & services you need. Start typing & you will see the scope under the relevant contracts start to appear. In the example below I typed in “audio” & you can see the relevant categories & available services.

After making a few preference selections you will be presented with a list of approved suppliers who match your search criteria. From here you can start to look at the suppliers before moving forward. You’ll see their location, distance from you & key contact. The badge next to each company name shows the company’s modern slavery risk rating.

Tip: The text at the top of the page serves as a reminder of your search so far & which categories are being displayed.

From here, you can click on the supplier name to find out more about each supplier such as contact details, pricing, & insurance information.

Questions? Send me an email.

See you next month!


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