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VendorPanel 101 – Tip 2

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VendorPanel 101 – Tip 2

When I shared with you the first tip of VendorPanel, we had just logged into the platform.

Once you are in you should see a homepage that looks something like this:

As you start looking around, you might notice that when you hover over anything in VendorPanel you’ll see a small text box that tells you what to expect before you click on anything. Very handy for new users.

Another tip is to access the Videos (accessible by pointing your cursor on Videos – top centre, next to Admin Tools) There is also a Help Centre function next to this and lastly, a Help Chat, located bottom right.

You ready? Time to explore the homepage and see what the portal has to offer!

This month I want to focus on Local Government Procurement Lists (Located beneath “Supplier Lists”). Here you will find a list of LGP’s current contracts in alphabetical order.


If you click on any contract a box called “List Details” pops up. This will show you key information such as:

  • Contract Type
  • Contract Name + Number
  • Contact info for the relevant LGP Staff member
  • List of categories covered by the contract

You can return to the previous page by clicking the X

Next to each contract you can see two blue shapes with numbers.

On the left you have the number of active suppliers – click on this to reveal a list of LGP Approved Suppliers for this specific contract.

On the right you have the number of documents connected to that particular contract. These include things like Purchasing Thresholds, Specifications & Standing Offer Deeds (SOD).

All very helpful as you start to research the contracts for use with your Council.

Questions? Send me an email at [email protected]

Eagerly waiting to share the third tip, next month!

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