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PSP40616 – Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting- EOI Invited for the Next Intake

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PSP40616 – Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting- EOI Invited for the Next Intake

Overview: This qualification allows for the attainment of occupational specific competencies for those responsible for the procurement of goods and services. It covers the broad range of skills required to operate without supervision in a procurement and contracting environment. Local Government Procurement (LGP) in partnership with Major Training Services (MTS) Pty Ltd (RTO Code 90748) is offering this course for its clients. MTS has the subject matter expertise and has been providing procurement and contract management training services to Australian Commonwealth, State Government, Local Government agencies and other corporations for the last twenty years.

Course structure: Click here to know about the course structure and the list of competency units covered in this course.

Delivery period: Obtaining a Certificate-IV typically requires 0.5-2 years of learning. However, at an accelerated pace targeted at working practitioners, it is set up to be delivered over 12 full days (9.00 AM to 4:30 PM) in three modules as listed below. It is mandatory to attend all the three modules as you will be required to complete assessment activities during this time. Apart from the assessment activities done in the class, you will require extra time beyond these twelve days to complete additional assessments. The time needed to complete these assessments will vary, depending on an individual’s preference and capabilities.

Entry requirements including Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

It is a requirement that learners wishing to enrol in the PSP40616 Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting course must first satisfy the MTS entry requirements, as follows:

  • One year’s experience working in the field of Procurement and Contracting (letter from your employer or CV). and
  • To determine your LLN level, the provision of a Certificate IV qualification or higher in English (copy of certificate to be provided with enrolment form). If a learner has not completed at minimum, a Certificate IV level qualification in the past, MTS will need to request the learner to complete an on-line LLN assessment prior to accepting an enrolment.

PS: Please submit the evidence of above to [email protected] after filling out the enrolment form.

Course fee (per person): A flat fee of $5,100.00 (GST exempt). This includes all costs associated with delivery, admin, catering, assessment marking etc. and there is no additional cost for the learners.

Training Venue for the advertised course: LGP Office Sydney. The participants have the option to attend the course (partial/full) remotely via Zoom.

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