Local Government Procurement

T4.20 E1 Minor & Major Services Refresh

T4.20 E1 Minor & Major Services Refresh

Local Government Procurement (LGP) has been established to provide a fully integrated procurement service to councils and associated organisations in NSW. LGP was established by Local Government NSW on behalf of its members to create a procurement operation dedicated to meeting the specific needs of Local Government (Please see our website at www.lgp.org.au for more information).

This tender closed on the 20th January 2022 at 2pm.

We received submission from the following one hundred and fifty nine (159) tenderers:

  1. A & C Plant Hire Pty Limited
  2. A J Parsons Earthmoving Pty Ltd
  3. Affective Services Australia Pty Ltd
  4. Alder Constructions Pty Ltd
  5. Allience Construction Group Pty Ltd
  6. Alpha Civil Group Pty Ltd
  7. Ana Industries Pty Ltd
  8. Antoun Civil Engineering (AUST)O Pty Ltd
  9. Anzellotti Constructions Pty Ltd
  10. Ark Construction Group Pty Ltd
  11. Asphalt Laying Services Pty Limited
  12. Asset Corporate Company Pty Ltd
  13. Auscape Pty Ltd
  14. Austek Asphalt Services Pty Ltd
  15. Austek Spray Seal Pty Ltd
  16. Awada Civil Engineering Pty Ltd
  17. Baker Andrew (Baker Built)
  18. Bayrange Pty Ltd
  19. Bayswater Projects Pty Ltd
  20. BGR Group Pty Ltd
  21. Bishton Group Pty Ltd
  22. Boylson Pty Ltd
  23. Braid Industries Pty Ltd
  24. Brefni Pty Ltd
  25. Brycon Civil Pty Ltd
  26. Cable & Pipe Locations Pty Ltd
  27. Cecam projects Pty Ltd
  28. Celtic Civil Pty Ltd
  29. Civil Independence Industries Pty Ltd
  30. Civil Streetscapes Pty Ltd
  31. Civil Works (NSW) Pty Limited
  32. Cleary Bros (BOMBO)Pty Ltd
  33. Coffey Maintanenace Services Pty Ltd
  34. Coffs Harbour Asphalt Services Pty Ltd
  35. Cogg Construction Pty Ltd
  36. Collective Civil Pty Ltd
  37. Concrete Blitz Services Pty Ltd
  38. Convil Group Pty Ltd
  39. Co-ordinated Landscapes Pty. Limited
  40. Court Craft (AUST) Pty Ltd
  41. D&M Excavations and Ashphalting Pty Ltd
  42. Dalski Pty Ltd
  43. Daracon Contractors Pty Ltd
  44. Denrith Pty Ltd
  45. Devcon Civil Pty Ltd
  46. Ditchfield Contracting Pty Limited
  47. Diverse Civil Contracting Pty Ltd
  48. Doolan Plumbing Pty Ltd
  49. Douglas Park Earthmoving Pty Ltd
  50. Dragonfly Environmental Pty Ltd
  51. Dynamic Civil Pty Ltd
  52. Dynamic Hydro Excavations Pty Ltd
  53. B Mawson & Sons Proprietry limited
  54. Eather Group Pty Ltd
  55. Ebcon Pty Ltd
  56. Ecodynamics Landscaping Pty Ltd
  57. Eire Construction Pty Ltd
  58. El Civil Engineering Pty Ltd
  59. EMT Pty Ltd
  60. Engineering and Civil Contractors Pty Ltd
  61. Envirocivil NSW Pty Ltd
  62. Euro Civil Pty Ltd
  63. Ezy-Pave Pty Ltd
  64. Fabreburn pty Ltd
  65. Field Trust
  66. Fortade Group Pty Ltd
  67. Funnell’s Electrical Pty Ltd
  68. Gauci Civil Contracting Pty Limited
  69. GM Road & Civil Group Pty Ltd
  70. GP Marine Constructions Pty Ltd
  71. Greater West Landscapes Pty Ltd
  72. Grow and Construct Pty Ltd
  73. Hazell Bros (QLD) Pty Ltd
  74. HD Civil Pty Ltd
  75. Heavy Foundations Pty Ltd
  76. Hines Construction pty Ltd
  77. Holmes Civil Weld and Construct Pty Ltd
  78. Homann Constructions Pty Ltd
  79. Hunter Wide Civil Pty Ltd
  80. Hutchens Holdings Pty Ltd
  81. B.G Civil Pty Ltd
  82. Jay & Lei Civil Contractors Pty Ltd
  83. John E Hogan Pty Ltd
  84. KCE Pty Limited
  85. Kelbon Project Services Pty Limited
  86. Killard Infrastructure Pty Ltd
  87. KJ Civil & Paving Pty Ltd
  88. Land & Marine Ocean Engineering Pty Ltd
  89. Landmark Marinas Pty Limited
  90. Landmark products Pty Ltd
  91. Landscape Solution Australia Pty Limited
  92. Lanson Trading Pty Ltd
  93. Latsyrc Pty Ltd
  94. LT Renovations Pty Ltd
  95. Martin & Josephine Tolley
  96. Mat Brown Building Pty Limited
  97. McBerns Pty Ltd
  98. McLennan Earthmoving Pty Limited
  99. McMahon’s Earthmoving pty Ltd
  100. MCS Civil (NSW) Pty Ltd
  101. MFS Contracting Pty Ltd
  102. Michilis Pty Limited
  103. MSA Civil & Communications Pty Ltd
  104. MSC Consulting and Project Services Pty Ltd
  105. MT & KA Cutajar Pty Ltd
  106. Muru Mittigar Limited
  107. New Start Australia Pty Ltd
  108. Newtech Civil Services
  109. NSW Building and Civil Pty Ltd
  110. J Warner Australia Pty Limited
  111. Pan Civil Pty Ltd
  112. Perfection Landscape Services Pty Ltd
  113. Piling & Concreting Australia (PCA) Pty Ltd
  114. Polysoft Pty Limited
  115. Preferred Turf Pty Ltd
  116. Professional Engineering Service Pty Limited
  117. Q-Max Pumping Systems Pty Ltd
  118. R & M Carter Haulage Pty Ltd
  119. R Line Civil & Concreting Pty Ltd
  120. Rainbow Group Pty Ltd
  121. Rangedale Drainage & Industrial Services Pty Ltd
  122. Raygal Pty Ltd
  123. Relyon Construction Pty Ltd
  124. Residential Commercial Civil Pty Ltd
  125. Retaining Specialists Pty Ltd
  126. Road Safety Barriers Pty Ltd
  127. Road Sure Pty Ltd
  128. Salcorp Civil Pty Ltd
  129. San Marino Concreting Pty Ltd
  130. Shail Construction Pty Ltd
  131. Sharpe Bros. (Aust) Pty Ltd
  132. SMCC Contracting Pty Ltd
  133. Solid Scapes Investments Pty Ltd
  134. South Syd Concrete Pty Ltd
  135. Statewide Civil Pty Ltd
  136. Steve Magill Earthmoving Pty Ltd
  137. Street Strong Pty Ltd
  138. Sydney Tree Company Pty Ltd
  139. The Civil Experts Pty Ltd
  140. The Trustee for Central Industries Trust
  141. The Trustee for French Stonemasonry Trust
  142. The Trustee for Kong Corporation Family Trust
  143. The Trustee for P&D Brown Family Trust
  144. The Trustee for S N Trust
  145. The Trustee for Stanco Family Trust
  146. The trustee for The Hutchens Family Trust
  147. The Trustee for the Pederick Family Trust
  148. The Trustee for Willow and Sparrow Engineering Trust & The Trustee for Yelseth Family trust
  149. Tillerandhelm Pty Ltd
  150. Top Job Installations Pty Limited
  151. TPE Enterprises Pty Ltd
  152. Trade Wind Pty Ltd
  153. Treadwell Group Pty Ltd
  154. TWS Evolution Pty Ltd
  155. Undercover Landscapes Pty Ltd
  156. Unicorn Landscaping & Stone Masondry Pty Ltd
  157. Valley Earthworks Pty Ltd
  158. Wear Construction Pty Ltd
  159. Whyte Civil Pty Ltd
An indicative timetable for the conduct of this RFT is described below.
Proposed Date
Issue of RFT
Closing Date for Tenders
Evaluation & Selection of Preferred Tenderer(s)
Report and Recommendation to LGP Board
Execution of Deed
Initial Completion Date
Possible Extensions
16 November 2021
20 January 2022
8 – 12 weeks from closing
2 weeks after evaluation
4 – 6 weeks from the Report
17 June 2022
Three (3) years after commencement
Three (3) terms each x twelve (12) months

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