Local Government Procurement

T2.21 Fleet Management Services

T2.21 Fleet Management Services

Local Government Procurement Pty Ltd (LGP) invited submissions for T2.21 Fleet Management Services.

Local Government Procurement has appointed to the panel the following tenderers:

  1. DingGo AU Pty Ltd
  2. Evenergi Pty Ltd
  3. Logbook Me Pty Ltd
  4. Formbird Pty Ltd
  5. National Auctions & Solutions Company (QLD) Pty Ltd
  6. Nextfleet Australia
  7. Pickles Auctions Pty Limited
  8. Presido Consulting Pty Ltd
  9. Slattery Auctions Australia Pty Ltd
  10. Summit Auto Lease Australia Pty Limited
  11. Uniqco (WA) Pty Ltd

Local Government Procurement has also determined to enter into negotiation with a number of other tenderers that will be announced if negotiations are successful.



An indicative timetable for the conduct of this RFT is described below.
Proposed Date
Issue of RFT
Closing Date for Tenders
Evaluation & Selection of Preferred Tenderer(s)
Report and Recommendation to LGP Board
Execution of Deed
Initial Completion Date
Possible Extensions
12 November 2021
17 December 2021
10-12 weeks from closing
6-8 weeks after evaluation
10-12 weeks from the Report
1 May 2022
Two (2) years after commencement
two (2) terms each x thirty-six (36) months

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