Local Government Procurement

T2.13-3 Bitumen, Emulsions, Asphalt Materials & Linemarking & Service

T2.13-3 Bitumen, Emulsions, Asphalt Materials & Linemarking & Service

T2.13-3 Bitumen, Emulsions, Asphalt Material, Line marking & Associated Services

Local Government Procurement (LGP) has been established to provide a fully integrated procurement service to councils and associated organisations in NSW. LGP was established by Local Government NSW on behalf of its members to create a procurement operation dedicated to meeting the specific needs of Local Government (Please see our website at www.lgp.org.au for more information).

Description: Local Government Procurement Pty Ltd (LGP) invited tenders for Standing Offers to supply Bitumen, Emulsions & Asphalt Material, Linemarking & Services

The Tender Closed 2pm, Friday 14th July 2023.

The opening of the Tender was witnessed by two people.

The below lists the successful tenderers for this panel:

  1. Accurate Asphalt & Road Repairs Pty Ltd
  2. Act Linemarking Pty Ltd
  3. All Road Services Pty Ltd
  4. Ana Industries Pty Ltd
  5. Asphalt Laying Services Pty Limited
  6. Austek Asphalt Services Pty Ltd
  7. Austek Spray Seal Pty Ltd
  8. Avijohn Contracting Pty Ltd
  9. Bossmon Pty Ltd
  10. Civilwise Pty Ltd
  11. Combined Traffic Management Pty Ltd
  12. Complete Linemarking Services Pty Limited
  13. D & M Excavations And Asphalting Pty. Ltd.
  14. Denrith Pty. Ltd.
  15. Downer Edi Works Pty Ltd
  16. Fenworx Pty Ltd
  17. Fulgur Pty Ltd
  18. J & G Excavations & Asphalting (NSW) Pty Ltd
  19. Jenalad Pty Ltd
  20. Jet Black Pavements Pty Ltd
  21. LFT Bitumen Pty Ltd
  22. Mack Civil Pty Limited
  23. Na Group Pty Ltd
  24. RPQ Spray Seal Pty Ltd
  25. North Shore Paving Co Pty Ltd
  26. Ozpave (Aust) Pty Limited
  27. Roadwork Industries Pty Ltd
  28. RPQ Asphalt Pty. Ltd.
  29. Stabilcorp Pty Ltd
  30. Stabilised Pavements Of Australia Pty. Limited
  31. T & L Excavations & Asphalting Pty Ltd
  32. The Trustee For Supersealing Unit Trust
  33. The Trustee For The Possum Brush Quarry Unit Trust
  34. VSA Roads Pty Ltd
  35. Workforce Road Services Pty Limited

LGP is in the process of conducting negotiations with a view to entering into contracts with a number of other parties in relation to the subject matter of the Request for Tender.

An indicative timetable for the conduct of this RFT is described below.
Proposed Date
Issue of RFT
Closing Date for Tenders
Evaluation & Selection of Preferred Tenderer(s)
Report and Recommendation to LGP Board
Execution of Deed
Initial Completion Date
Possible Extensions
19 May 2023
14 July 2023
8 – 10 weeks
10 days
14 days
1 January 2024

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