Local Government Procurement

T1.15-2 IT&C Products, Services and Consulting

T1.15-2 IT&C Products, Services and Consulting

Local Government Procurement Pty Ltd (LGP) invited tenders for IT&C Products, Services & Consulting.

Tender closed at 2:00PM throughout 2021 in different stages. This was by invite only.

LGP received offers from the following Tenderers:

  1. AAM Pty Ltd
  2. ACT Logistics Pty Ltd
  3. Aerocom Technology Pty Ltd
  4. Allcom Networks Pty Ltd
  5. Allstars Trading Pty Ltd
  6. ALMY Pty Ltd trading as Linktech Australia
  7. Anabelle Bits Pty Ltd t/as ASI Solutions
  8. ArcBlue Consulting (Aus) Pty Ltd acting Trustee for ArcBlue Consulting Trust
  9. Arrochar Consulting Pty Ltd
  10. Art of Multimedia Pty Ltd ATF Kade Family Trust
  11. Aten Systems Pty Ltd
  12. ATI Australia Pty Ltd
  13. Atos (Australia) Pty Ltd
  14. Avocado Consulting Pty Ltd
  15. Black Box Technologies Australia Pty Ltd
  16. Blackadder Associates Pty Ltd
  17. Blue Apache Pty Ltd
  18. Bmp Tech One Pty Ltd
  19. Bokser Pty Ltd
  20. Brightly Software Australia Pty Ltd
  21. Callscan Australia Pty Ltd
  22. Chill IT Pty Limited
  23. CommsChannel pty Limited
  24. Commschoice Operations Pty Limited
  25. Computer One Software (Australia) Pty Ltd
  26. Content Security Pty Ltd
  27. Converged Communication Network Applications Pty Ltd
  28. CountryTell Management Pty Ltd T/a CountryTell Community Broadband
  29. Datcom Cloud Pty Ltd
  30. Dialog Pty Ltd T/as Dialog Information Technology
  31. Dream Industrial Pty Ltd T/as Pioneer Computers
  32. Enigma Indigenous Peoples Pty Ltd
  33. Enterprisecreativecloud Pty Ltd
  34. Ericom Pty Ltd
  35. Ethan Global Pty Ltd
  36. Field Solutions Group Pty Ltd
  37. Forensic Systems Analysis Pty Ltd
  38. Franco Enterprises Pty Ltd t/a MicrotechDPS
  39. Galapagos Pty Ltd t/a iPlatinum
  40. Galaxy 42 Pty Ltd
  41. Gammer Consulting Pty Ltd as The trustee for Gammer Trust
  42. GEIS Pty Ltd
  43. Generation-E Productivity Solutions Pty Ltd t/a Generation-e
  44. Halepoint Pty Ltd acting trustee for The Roberts & Morrow Technology Unit Trust trading as Roberts & Morrow Technology
  45. Hitech Support Pty Ltd
  46. HKA Global Pty Ltd
  47. Icognition Pty Limited
  48. I-Comm Australia Pty Ltd
  49. Iconyx Pty Ltd
  50. Infopaf Pty Limited
  51. Information Professionals Pty Ltd
  52. Informotion Pty Ltd
  53. Infrastructure Logic Pty Ltd trading as OneWiFi & Infrastructure
  54. Intellitek Pty Limited
  55. InterStream Pty Ltd
  56. J & R Group Pty Ltd t/as DC Encompass
  57. Jamnet Pty Limited
  58. Kalba Australia Pty Ltd
  59. Kaon Security Pty Ltd
  60. Konverge Pty Ltd
  61. Lanluas Consulting Pty Limited
  62. LBH Partners Pty Ltd
  63. Lion Systems Pty Ltd ATF Bartholomew Family Trust
  64. Managenet Pty Ltd
  65. Matrix CNI Pty Ltd
  66. MCR Computer Resources Pty Ltd
  67. Meridian IT Pty Ltd
  68. Net Communications Pty Ltd
  69. Nexon Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
  70. NOW Industries Pty Ltd
  71. OPC IT Pty Limited
  72. Open Office Holdings Pty Ltd
  73. OpenCities Pty Ltd
  74. Outcomex Pty Ltd
  75. Peak Services Pty Ltd t/as Peak Services
  76. Peclet Technology Pty Ltd
  77. Platinum Technology Consulting Pty Ltd
  78. Premier Contact Point Pty Ltd
  79. PRJ Consulting Pty Ltd 3Columns
  80. Randstad Pty Ltd
  81. Red 29 Pty Limited
  82. RK Media Pty Ltd t/as Leonards Advertising
  83. RSM Australia Pty Ltd atf Birdanco Practice Trust trading as RSM
  84. S5 Technology Group Pty Ltd
  85. Secure Agility Pty Ltd
  86. Sercombe Nominees Pty Ltd Trustee for Sercombe Family Trust t/as Technology Risk
  87. Simble Solutions Limited
  88. Softlabs Pty Ltd
  89. Spring Digital Pty Ltd
  90. Stark Engineering Consulting Pty Ltd
  91. TEC Collective Pty Ltd
  92. Tekoi Consulting Pty Ltd
  93. Teleresult Pty Ltd
  94. Terra Firma Pty Ltd
  95. Tesserent Cyber Services Pty Ltd
  96. The Aurian Security Unit Trust t/as Aurian Security Pty Ltd
  97. The Trustee for cook Family Trust & the trustee for Orr Family Trust ATF Crown Cabling Partnership T/as Crown Cabling Pty Ltd
  98. The Trustee for Gorman Family Trust t/as Door 3 Consulting Pty Ltd
  99. The Urban Institute Pty Ltd
  100. Universal Network Technologies Pty Ltd
  101. Viatek Technology Pty Limited
  102. Virtunet Pty Ltd
  103. Vocus Pty Ltd trading as Vocus Communications
  104. Votar Partners Pty Ltd
  105. Wave1 Pty Ltd
  106. Well Done International Pty Ltd
  107. Xcite Projects Pty Ltd
An indicative timetable for the conduct of this RFT is described below.
Proposed Date
Issue of RFT
Closing Date for Tenders
Evaluation & Selection of Preferred Tenderer(s)
Report and Recommendation to LGP Board
Execution of Deed
Initial Completion Date
Possible Extensions
5 October 2021
5 November 2021
8 – 12 weeks from closing
2 weeks after evaluation
4-6 weeks from the Report
1 June 2022
Two (2) years after commencement
Three (3) terms each x twelve (12) months

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