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Products and Services Database


The Sustainable Choice Products and Services Database lists sustainable products and services that have been assessed and approved by the Sustainable Choice team against a number of sustainability indicators. The database is specifically tailored to meet the needs of local government and local areas. Products and services are listed under a number of categories and corresponding suppliers are also displayed on a map enabling the user to easily locate suppliers within their local area. 

The Sustainability Indicators

All suppliers, products and services are assessed against a number of sustainability indicators prior to inclusion in the database. The listings indicate which indicators have been met, and there are ten sustainability indicators:

  • Australian Made/Manufactured
  • Contains Recycled Content
  • Energy Efficient
  • Environmental Leadership
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Low Carbon
  • Minimal Environmental Impact
  • Non-Toxic Content
  • Sustainable Choice Champion
  • Water Efficient

How to Register as a Supplier

Suppliers of sustainable products and services can register to be included on the database by visiting the website. To be eligible to register, a business must demonstrate that they are a sustainable business that offers products and/or services that are eco-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable. There are also a number of indicators of sustainability that may be attached to a company’s products and/or services available on the website.

Becoming more sustainable can sometimes appear a daunting and somewhat unachievable task, however there are a number of steps a Small to Medium Enterprise can take to achieve this, for some guidance, please see How can SMEs become more sustainable

Tradeshow exhibitor opportunities for Sustainable Choice forums are exclusively available to suppliers listed on the database. Due to the intimate nature of such events exhibitor numbers are limited to 8 suppliers per event. Exhibitors gain direct contact with all council participants through a facilitated ‘Meet the Supplier’ session.

More Information

For suppliers wanting more information on the supplier database and associated fee structure, please see Supplier FAQs  and How to Register for a Supplier Account.

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