What are the Member Benefits?

Member councils enjoy the benefits of being part of a large network, including the sharing of knowledge, experience and resources with other members. As a member of Sustainable Choice, your council will get exclusive access to a range of resources, products and services, some of which are listed below:

  • Join a network of councils
  • General advice and guidance when required
  • Access to comprehensive suite of online resources
  • Free attendance at sustainable procurement workshops and forums
  • Up-to-date product development through forums with suppliers
  • Quarterly newsletters showcasing sustainable procurement initiatives and achievements, new products and interesting facts
  • Access to the Sustainable Choice Products and Services Database, a comprehensive online supplier database listing suppliers of sustainable products and services by category and location.  All suppliers, products and services are assessed against a number of sustainability indicators prior to inclusion in the database. The listings indicate which indicators have been met.
  • Access to a range of resource documents, including fact and guidance sheets on specific products, services and sustainable procurement issues, including:
    • Other councils’ sustainable procurement, fleet and events policies
    • Pre-prepared draft media release
    • Sustainable tendering guidelines
    • Product briefing papers
    • Past workshop resources and presentations
    • Case studies

Additionally as a member you will be able to access fee-based Sustainable Choice services at a discounted rate, such as:

  • Annual Sustainable Procurement Scorecard and Performance Report that identifies council progress
  • Sustainable procurement training
  • ISO 20400 training
  • ISO 20400 gap analysis

How to Become a Sustainable Choice Member

  1. Contact the Sustainable Choice Team email or call 02 8270 8703 to speak to a member of the team
  2. Resolution - a council resolution re-affirming council's support for sustainable procurement and committing council to Sustainable Choice membership
  3. Membership - is free of charge
  4. Utilise Services - progress sustainable procurement within your council by utilising the Sustainable Choice services.

More Information

For more information about Sustainable Choice contact Tania Lalor , Senior Sustainable Procurement Consultant or Sara Lindqvist, Sustainable Procurement Consultant or call 02 8270 8703.