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Sustainability Filters in LGP Contracts

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Sustainability Filters in LGP Contracts

LGP has assigned Sustainability Filter Tags to some of its contracts. Going forward each new contract will have Sustainability Filter Tags assigned through the tender process.

The filters cover a range of sustainability elements and are visible in VendorPanel when purchasing through LGP Contracts. They highlight to buyers those suppliers that can provide better sustainability outcomes. Thereby enabling councils to engage suppliers that are consistent with council’s sustainability objectives and strategy.

The Sustainability Filter Tags cover a range of social and environmental aspects and include:
► Products that have been re-purposed and/or contain recycled content
► Products that can be recycled or are recyclable under this contract
► Energy efficient products
► Water efficient products
► Contractor has implemented circular economy initiatives
► End of use/Life collection/recycling service
► Certified carbon neutral or carbon positive footprint
► Carbon reduction initiatives in place (not certified)
► Indigenous owned business
► Social enterprise
► Certified to TCO accreditation
► Sustainable business practices
► Environmental Management System (ISO14001) accredited
► Australian made

Not all filters have been assigned to all LGP Contracts. They have been applied based on relevance to the spend category, products, and services available under the contract.

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