LGP Approved Contractors

LGP Approved Contractor

Being appointed an LGP approved contractor is not easy task. It sets you and your organisation apart from the rest. The information located in this section will help you throughout your appointment to your panel.

1. What are the benefits to your organisation

LGP sees its relationship with approved contractors as a partnership, not only in the legal sense but also as a working relationship where we can both advance mutual interests.

Following are some of the benefits you should enjoy by being appointed to an LGP panel:

  1. There is no need for councils to run an RFT process and therefore you will save time and money
  2. Under diligent management by LGP the panel is one of quality approved contractors
  3. One set of agreed terms and conditions that streamline processes
  4. Common RFQ process via the VendorPanel portal
  5. Transparency of process via the VendorPanel portal
  6. Contract is centrally managed by LGP throughout its term
  7. Reduced risk when tendering as probity and process is managed by LGP
  8. LGP arrangements are flexible: approved contractor are not locked in by scope or pricing
  9. Opportunities to business with councils may be increased
  10. A partnership with LGP brings advantage

2. What does LGP expect from our approved contractors?

Whilst being an LGP approved contractor presents numerous opportunities, several obligations must be met, these are:

  1. Compliance with contractual conditions
  2. Accurate and on time reporting
  3. Promotion of the contract
  4. Acting in the spirit of the contract

3. Who are LGP Customers?

Your customers are our customers and an undertaking we can be united in.
To be eligible to use LGP contracts, customers must be defined as:

  1. NSW local council
  2. NSW county councils
  3. NSW Regional Organisation of Councils (ROC)
  4. NSW aboriginal land council
  5. NSW not for profit (NFP) – must be approved by LGP
  6. NSW state government agencies

4. The Contract

The Standing Offer Deed (SOD), or contract, is the agreement between LGP and approved contractors that the offer of goods or services under a pre-arranged pricing structure and utilising established terms and conditions will be made to LGPs customers. The SOD is an umbrella agreement whereby a contract is formed between the approved contractor and the customer when a purchase order (or equivalent) is provided by the customer. All approved contractors are provided with a counter signed copy of the SOD. If you cannot locate your copy, please send your request to [email protected]

5. What are the Reporting requirements?

A monthly report must be submitted by the 14th of each month with the previous months invoiced transactions entered e.g. invoiced sales for January are due on 14 February. Sales are to be reported via the online LGP Reporting Portal.  If you do not have a login for the portal contact [email protected].
It is a contractual requirement that sales reports are received monthly (even if a NIL return). Reports provided must include a breakdown of invoiced sales by customer, excluding GST. For further information please contact [email protected].
In the event that the Contractor has incorrectly reported sales and seeks a refund on its paid Management Fee. Details of the Contractor Management Fee Refund Request Policy and Procedure as of 1 July 2018.

6. What is the Management Fee?

LGP manages a large number of preferred supply panels covering a wide variety of products and services incorporating the intricacies of the various market structures. Recovery of costs associated with managing these panels are reflected in the various management fee mechanisms. This fee structure is communicated in the RFT and is fixed for the term of the contract.

The management fee for your contract is listed in Schedule A of your SOD.

A portion of the management fee is returned to the council, based on usage, annually. It is a further saving to the council, an incentive and a way for LGP to share success with key stakeholders.

7. What is the Notice of Participation and how does it work?


To ensure LGP approved contractors are advised of a customer's intentions when procuring goods and/or services through an LGP contract and to provide customers and approved contractors with the assurance that customers are procuring under the relevant terms and conditions of contract, LGP strongly recommends that a Notice of Participation form is completed for each contract and sent to LGP. LGP will then advise approved contractors on the panel of the customer’s intentions for the duration of the contract.

Completion of this Notice of Participation form DOES NOT lock a customer into a contract, it is an instrument used to demonstrate the customer’s intention to purchase goods and services from this contract until otherwise notified.

Click here for full explanation on how the Notice of Participation operates.

Overview of Main Points


All LGP customers are automatically covered by the terms and conditions of LGP’s contracts.

All purchases of deliverables by customers may be treated as orders under the Standing Offer Deed, whether or not a LGP contract number is quoted at the time of order or purchase, or a Notice of Participation is provided.

Unless otherwise notified by customers, approved contractors should treat all purchases of goods and services that fall within the scope of an LGP contract as purchases under that contract. If in doubt the approved contractor should ask for clarification from the customer…. preferably in writing.

A Notice of Participation allows customers to advise approved contractors of the customer’s intention to procure all applicable goods and/or services under the terms and conditions of an LGP contract, no matter how that procurement is conducted.

The completion of a Notice of Participation DOES NOT lock a customer into using a contract.

The Notice of Participation covers those goods and services that fall under the scope of the relevant LGP contract.

A Notice of Participation can be taken as providing an approved contractor with a written request to engage via the LGP contract and override any pre-existing contracts.

Where goods and services are procured under an LGP arrangement then those purchases must be reported to LGP. This includes purchases by those customers who have not signed a Notice of Participation.

Ideally LGP customers should quote the LGP contract number on all Requests for Quotes and Purchase Orders.

A Notice of Participation becomes effective from the day on which LGP provides the Notice of Participation to the approved contractor.

LGP will advise approved contractors by email of any signed Notice of Participation relevant to their LGP contract.

Approved contractors should advise all relevant staff, contractors, sub-contractors and agents of the customers who have activated a Notice of Participation.

A Notice of Participation lapses either at the end of the relevant contract term (inclusive of any extensions available under the terms of the contract) or when notified in writing by the customer.

Any purchases made prior to the provision of the Notice of Participation are required to be reported to LGP.

Customers and approved contractors can always discuss the use of the Notification of Participation with their LGP Business Manager.

8. What are the obligations surrounding Certificates of Currency/Insurance Documents?

LGP has the responsibility to its customers to ensure that all approved contractors are compliant throughout the term of the contract. It is crucial for LGP to ensure that all correct licenses, insurances, qualifications and policies are current.

LGP uses VendorPanel to manage the necessary certifications. Approved contractors are expected to provide evidence of these certificates by uploading them into VendorPanel. They are expected to update them when they expire. The VendorPanel portal will trigger reminders two (2) weeks prior to expiry.

LGP customers may view the details of the insurance. Therefore it is equally important not to disadvantage your organisation’s opportunities by failing to complete this task. The insurance requirements for your contract are listed in Schedule A of your SOD.

9. How can I submit a Pricing Amendment?

Approved contractors are obliged to offer greater value to customers purchasing through LGP arrangements than to individual customers who are independently tendering. This is in recognition of the substantial aggregated buying power of LGP on behalf of the local government sector. Refer to the Best Price Clause in Part 3 Deliverables and Pricing

Where applicable, your pricing schedule as submitted during the RFT process is provided to customers via the secure section of the LGP website when the contract commences.

Generally, the pricing and/or discount is to remain firm for the initial twelve (12) month period. Price amendments are permissible at the contract anniversary or when there are statutory changes such as award changes and the like.  Some contracts permit more frequent updates to occur. This can be confirmed in Part 3 Deliverables and Pricing of your SOD.

LGP will notify approved contractors of the approaching anniversary date and provide a window of opportunity to submit amendments. The application to make pricing amendments must be in writing and in the same template. To finalise the process LGP will accept and publish the updated pricing.

It may take up to five (5) working days for this process to occur.

Please contact [email protected] with your request.

10. How can I incorporate additional Subcontractors, Agents or Dealers, or remove existing ones?

If you wish to add an organisation to your current list of named subcontractors/agents/ dealers a contract amendment is required. Please consider the information below before proceeding.

It is the intent of LGP that by appointing an entity as an approved contractor, that the approved contractor will always carry out the majority of work. It is not acceptable to subcontract out all or the majority of a customer’s requirement.

The following are requirements that all LGP approved contractors must agree to before authorised agents or subcontractors can be considered:

  1. Quotes provided to customers must provide confidence that the LGP approved contractor is the party that ultimately prepared the final and complete quote, is the entity that will ultimately contract with the customer and will carry out the majority, if not all, of the work.
  2. All key correspondence and documents included in a quote or proposal must be on the approved contractors letterhead or document templates.
  3. The customer purchase order is to be made out to the LGP approved contractor.  Where a separate contract document is used (e.g. an Australian Standard), the contractor will be listed as the principal.
  4. The LGP approved contractor is responsible for any subcontractors engaged and must be able to substantiate their current insurances, licences, work tickets, appropriate qualifications and skills or experience relevant for the subcontracted aspect of the work.
  5. The approved contractor must name the subcontractors carrying out significant levels or key aspects of the work and which are expected to have staff on site or be in direct communication with the customer.
  6. Where a particular subcontractor is expected to perform an integral part of the work done on any engagement of the LGP approved contractor, then the subcontractor should be named on the LGP Standing Offer Deed.
  7. Where the work is to be undertaken on the customer’s site, it is expected the LGP approved contractor’s representative will be present on site, be responsible for the overseeing and directing of subcontractors and remain the official contact for communication with the customer through to completion of the work.
  8. Invoices presented to the customer must always be on the LGP approved contractor letterhead.
  9. The subcontractor is aware of and can confirm the terms and conditions of the relevant LGP contract.

If your organisation and the proposed subcontractor/agent/ dealer agree to these requirements,  please contact [email protected] to proceed.

11. How can I update my Range of Deliverables?

Additional deliverables are permissible but must be formalised in writing.  Send your initial request to [email protected] stating which categories you would like added to your Range of Services and your request will be considered by the Category Manager.

12. Other Amendments

Other contract amendments are permissible. They must be formalised in writing. Some reasons for such amendments may include:
  1. Acquisition of or by another business

12. What is VendorPanel™?

LGP is providing access for customers and approved contractors to an innovative gateway for seeking request for quotes (RFQs). It is another way that LGP is achieving better outcomes for local government and approved contractors. The portal, powered by VendorPanel™, offers an easier, faster more targeted way of assisting buyers to select the best available vendors for each procurement activity. Buyers can be confident in the process and security, as can vendors.

Your VendorPanel™ Account

Access is by invitation only. An invitation is sent to the lead contact. The lead is responsible for providing and maintaining their business profile:

  1. Company logo
  2. The company business profile
  3. Insurance information
  4. Inviting additional colleagues who may also respond to RFQs.

LGP is always happy to assist but there are other ways to learn about the portal. Go to the FAQs in the menu bar of your dashboard. The answers to most questions are there as well as video tutorials.

For technical assistance contact VendorPanel on (03) 9095 6181.

Be advised that all emails generated by the VendorPanel™ portal are from [email protected]. Check that your organisation’s protocols allow you to receive emails from this address.

13. Who is your point of contact?

Contact for LGP Approved Contractors
Peter Flood
Category Manager, Utilities
Marie Talevska
Category Manager, Fleet, Works and Engineering
Daniel Marin
Category Manager, ICT & Corporate Services
Cindy Zhang
Category Manager, Fleet & Waste Equipment

Michelle Burgess
Contractor Relationships Manager

Delivering strategic initiatives and programs to improve contractor satisfaction.

For all other enquiries pertaining to:                                        
  • Contract (SOD) Issues                                   
  • Contract amendments                                    
  • Expanding your deliverable offering                                    
  • Pricing amendment requests                                    
  • Sub-contractor amendment requests                                    
  • Management fee and reporting requirements/Credit requests                                    
  • Changes to your business structure                                    

Please contact our larger contracts management team on 02 8270 8717 or via email [email protected]

Suppliers who are NOT currently an LGP Approved Contractor
Click here to learn more about Local Government Procurement, the tender process and other frequently asked questions.
Please ensure you read the information provided in its entirety before contacting LGP.



Notify Us of a Change

If you have new staff that you need to inform us of, please send an email to [email protected]

Feedback & Review

LGP is constantly reviewing the activity of its contracts and by approved contractors.
When a review occurs it will incorporate the following:

  • Reporting, frequency and value
  • VendorPanel activity – responsiveness and following protocols
  • Council feedback

If you would like to offer some feedback either general or specific to your contract, please fill out this form. Alternatively contact Michelle Burgess.

Suggested Reading & References