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State-of-the-art Libraries and Innovative Technology

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State-of-the-art Libraries and Innovative Technology

Did you know that through LGP contracts your council library can be up-to date with the latest books, state-of-the-art furniture and a comprehensive array of goods and services for all council’s IT&C needs?

LGP also enables your council to get the best professional consultancy for varied projects.

Our contracts also offer councils a wide range of vendors to procure material, services and labour for civil works to deliver optimal outcomes for your communities.

Library Books, Resource Material & Furniture Contract LGP507-4 has been refreshed to include a wider range of library services. Contractors will provide their full range of services associated with the scope of the contract which includes books, furniture and related items.

Scope of contract:
• Books (Monographs)
• Electronic Books
• Audio Visual Materials
• Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Services
• Shelf Ready and End Processing Services
• Streaming movies and videos
• Library Furniture
• Additional Services

Professional Consulting Service Contract LGP1208-4
Given the fact that councils in New South Wales are varied and unique, there are some common requirements for operations and delivery of services to communities. This contract captures, at a higher category level, the range of deliverables related to Professional Consulting Services.

Services you can procure:
• Architectural and Interior Design Services
• Asset Management Services
• Building Services Engineering
• Civil Engineering Services
• Environmental Services
• Heritage Conservation and Planning Services
• Landscape Architecture and Design Services
• Planning, Design and Development Services
• Surveying Services
• Water and Waste Water Engineering Services
• Risk and Safety Services

Minor & Major Civil Works and Material Contract – LGP420
This contract has been enhanced with a wider range of suppliers to provide labour, material and equipment necessary to carry out works and services associated with all aspects of minor and major civil works including the supply, transportation and disposal of construction material.

Services you can procure:
• Site Preparation and Construction Works
• Road Construction Works
• Water, Wastewater Treatment and Distribution
• Drainage Construction
• Marine and Coastal Construction
• Swimming Pool and Reservoir Construction
• Bulk Construction and Landscape Materials
• Landscaping Works
• Building Construction Minor Works and Services
• Transportation and Disposal of Waste, including Contaminated Materials
• Recycled or Re-Purposed Discarded Construction Materials
• Other Minor and Major Civil Works

A comprehensive array of goods and services for all Council’s IT&C needs.

Services you can procure:
• Telecommunications Services
• IT Hardware (on-premise)
• Network Infrastructure (on-premise)
• Phone Systems
• Professional Services
• Printing and Scanning
• Software
• ICT Support
• Website Services
• Managed Services
• Business Support
• Audio Visual
• Cloud Services (Xaas)
• Integration Services
• Development Services
• Smart Cities
• Cybersecurity

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