For State Agencies

NSW State Government Agencies, State Owned Corporations and ACT Government Departments can now acce​ss Local Government Procurement (LGP) contracts for the procurement of supplies, products and services.

LGP is a business arm of Local Government New South Wales (LGNSW), the membership association for all councils in NSW. Established in 2006, LGP focuses on creating procurement efficiencies and building procurement expertise, saving councils and NSW Government departments significantly in time and dollars.

The major benefits for NSW and ACT Government Departments, State Owned Corporations and Agencies are:

  • Significant cost and time savings - you will not need to go to tender if you choose to buy from LGP contracts;
  • Further cost savings - as a result of the combined purchasing power of all participating NSW and Local Government bodies;
  • Risk management - as LGP conducts a full tender process for all contracts;
  • Ongoing individual support through your own LGP Business Manager.

NSW and ACT Government Departments, State Owned Corporations and Agencies can be assured that LGP processes have all the key elements required for probity, suitability and sustainability. These include:

  • LGP panels being established following a full tender process;
  • Comprehensive legal, due diligence and probity systems;
  • Capacity to adequately evaluate competitive bids and compare dissimilar offerings;
  • Well-researched product information through our solid supplier relationships;
  • Clarity of state and local government requirements and product specifications through our consultation processes when preparing contracts;
  • Ongoing supplier management, performance monitoring and benchmarking.

To utilise LGP contracts, NSW Government Departments, State Owned Corporations and Agencies are required to register their organisation’s individual users and the LGP contracts they are required to access.  You should first check your Department’s policy on accessing LGP contracts.

To register, please contact Luke Kenny.

Once approved, you will be sent a username and password which will enable you to access the Buyer's Guides for your approved LGP contracts.