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LGP Consulting is now Strategic Procurement Solutions

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LGP Consulting is now Strategic Procurement Solutions

We are excited to announce that we have changed our name to Strategic Procurement Solutions


LGP Consulting would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the years as our team grew and as we widened the scope of products and services under our belt.

Why change?

We have subjected ourselves to self-assessment, we asked for feedback on how we are perceived, and the conclusion is that what we deliver is great, but people don’t always understand what we provide. We are suffering from Brand Confusion, and we believe that this change will address any confusion.

We are stepping away from the crowd and the many great organisations that identify as consulting. There are many areas of discipline covered under consulting, including but limited to engineering, financial, management, business, marketing, and technology. In the digital age when you search for Strategic Procurement or Sustainable Procurement, we want our name to be one of your top search results.

We want you to know what our Focus is.

We are a group of highly skilled procurement professionals, and Our Mission is to lift, educate and enhance strategic & sustainable procurement capabilities in local government. Our Vision is that Strategic Procurement Solutions be the strategic & sustainable procurement partner of choice for local government.

What won’t change?

Our commitment to our clients, our quality products and services, and our dedicated staff; these all remain.


This change is effective as of 1 July 2024.

Visit our new Webpage.

Contact us for your procurement needs via email.

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