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Reducing Fleet Emissions: The University of Tasmania’s Journey to a Greener Fleet

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Reducing Fleet Emissions: The University of Tasmania’s Journey to a Greener Fleet

The University of Tasmania is the leading university globally on climate action according to the renowned Times Higher Education (THE). THE’s Impact Rankings have positioned the University as #1 worldwide for climate action, holding the top spot for both 2022 and 2023.

The University’s vehicle fleet is a large, complex fleet of standard and specialised vehicles. Their fleet is approximately 100 vehicles with a range of additional assets that are managed under the umbrella of the University’s fleet operations. Interleasing is the University’s vehicle fleet leasing partner.

In 2018 the University commenced transitioning away from its historical position of owning its own vehicles to a leased model for its vehicle fleet requirements.

The University is committed to minimising greenhouse gas emissions and has joined Race to Zero and become carbon neutral certified to demonstrate this commitment. The transition to low or zero emission vehicles aligns with the University’s Strategic Framework for Sustainability and its stated commitment of pursuing sustainable transport options in its operations. Interleasing were able to plan, source and deliver fit for purpose – low or zero emission vehicles according to the university’s carbon reduction strategy and roadmap.

The roadmap created resulted from input from multiple stakeholders, a pilot program and the consideration of acquired telematics data to help guide the replacement schedule.

Kellie Peart, former Manager Campus Operations, talks to us about their journey transitioning to EVs. (Since filming Kellie has left the University of Tasmania to pursue other opportunities.)

As an approved contractor to LGP under the Fleet management services arrangement (LGP221), Interleasing helps organisation with the decarbonisation of vehicle emissions and EV transition initiatives.

As with University of Tasmania, we can source fit-for-purpose, low and zero emission vehicles for your fleet and utilise acquired fleet data to create a carbon emission reduction roadmap.

Start by downloading a copy of our 3-step framework to help your organisation approach the transition to EVs in a strategic and holistic way.

If you’d like to discover more about this project or have specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact Thomas Hayes, Business Development Manager for the North Region, via email or at Mobile 0439 988 076.

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