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Recover From Natural Disaster More Quickly

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Recover From Natural Disaster More Quickly

LGP Contracts Help You Respond To and Recover From Natural Disaster More Quickly

If your Local Government Area has just experienced a natural disaster, you will need access to quality suppliers to assist you to respond and recover. Many of the suppliers you would normally call upon may not be available at short notice, time is of the essence and many council staff are busy assisting in the response. It is reassuring to know that councils can utilise Local Government Procurement Contracts during these difficult times.

The key benefits of using LGP-approved suppliers are:
• Quick access to high-quality suppliers.
• Engage suppliers directly from the panel without concern for the tendering
• Pre-agreed terms and conditions.
• Set ceiling prices, so you won’t pay a premium.

The broad scope of LGP contracts means that LGP-approved suppliers can deliver many goods, works, and services you may need when responding to, and recovering from, a natural disaster.

LGP now has the following resources available on our website to assist you during times of disaster:
• Quick Guide to Procurement in Times of Natural Disaster
• Spreadsheet that maps disaster-recovery services you may require to LGP contracts (website login required to access this)
• Emergency Response tab on LGP Forum where you can ask for help from other councils.

These resources are all available through the Disaster Recovery link on our homepage.

If you need any assistance, please reach out to your Business Development Manager.

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