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Pulling Products, Not Pushing Waste

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Pulling Products, Not Pushing Waste

Downer’s new resource recovery facility is the benchmark in landfill avoidance, recovering valuable material from local councils to be processed and used in roads all over Sydney.

Downer Reconomy offers a resource recovery processing solution that turns a stream of usually landfill material into valuable products and materials to be used in asphalt production. We process, clean and separate street sweepings, gully waste and non-destructive digging waste into individual components that can be readily reused. Reconomy’s processing diverts sand, aggregates, organic matter and metals from landfill, the sand and aggregate element provides high value replacement of virgin materials used in Downer’s asphalt products.

Located at our new Sustainable Road Products Centre at 11 Devon Street, Rosehill, in the heart of Sydney, our aim is to divert at least 25,000 tonnes of valuable material from landfill per year. Our new processing facility has the ability to do just that, material collected by local councils and other private companies will be processed, cleaned and sorted into several products including sand and aggregates for use in our asphalt products, whilst organic material and metals will be reused in other activities.

Apart from contributing to a circular economy, other benefits of Downer’s new Reconomy facility include:

Improved efficiency
Located in Rosehill in the heart of Sydney, and being open 24hr per day, and hence during most street sweeping operating times, the Downer facility will support the optimisation of road sweeping operations across Sydney, enabling street sweepers to reduce travel and tipping downtime allowing increased sweeping time and the ability to clean more of the streets in one shift.

Cost and environmental benefits of this improved efficiency are reduced fuel cost, less maintenance and lower emissions.

Local Procurement
Downer’s Sustainable Road Resource Centre not only improves efficiency of road sweeping operations but also provides local councils with a cost-effective alternative to sending waste material to landfill by safely recycling and repurposing that material into a valuable resource.

This is just the beginning for Downer Reconomy, as we continue to grow, innovate and harvest new ideas in order to further contribute to the circular economy.

Downer’s Sustainable Road Resource Centre is located at 11 Devon Street Rosehill and operates in accordance with all government requirements and industry best practice.

For any questions regarding the above article, please contact Matthew Wade – Reconomy Manager on 0419 244 748.

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