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Project Completion Update

Successful Outcome – First LGP Grant Project

Readers will recall the expression of interest process for the LGP Procurement Capability Grant Fund Program conducted in 2022. This led to approval of grant funding amounting to over $95,000 across 10 councils.

We are pleased to advise that the first project to be effectively completed is at Cootamundra-Gundagai Council.

Project: Construction Contract Management for Today.

Expected project benefits: The Procurement Officer will be able to deliver an enhanced service to staff by attaining specific knowledge around the Australian Standard family of Contracts: AS4000, AS4902, AS2124, AS4300 and their requirements. Comparisons will also be made to Government Contracts. This knowledge is not currently held in council.

Key project outcomes and success measures: This training will encompass the entire contract lifecycle from project approvals to planning and tendering, through the meticulous contract administration phases leading to practical completion and formal close-out. This will complement the Project Management training the Procurement Officer is already undertaking.

Enhanced knowledge of a Procurement Officer in a small council provides benefits across council including to Engineers and Project Managers. The flow on effects are, that staff training can be provided in house and advice provided on specific projects, thus reducing cost to council.

While professional development is a win personally, this is a win for Procurement as a function. Its profile will be lifted within council and that can only be a good thing.

LGP recognises that training of this nature is not regularly provided to procurement teams and many engineers are self-taught when it comes to completion of Australian Standard contract documentation. There can be a shortfall in practical knowledge, particularly for younger staff. By undertaking this training, Procurement is able to offer credible and practical advice across council stakeholders, thus increasing influence and standing, but also reducing risk to council.

Further, LGP was pleased to see this project sponsored by the Acting General Manager. To be able to support regional councils and increase technical capability is very worthy.

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