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Paul Youdell Awarded the LGP Values Trophy for Collaboration

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Paul Youdell Awarded the LGP Values Trophy for Collaboration

This month, LGP is thrilled to honour and celebrate Paul Youdell with the prestigious LGP Values Trophy for Collaboration.

When we contemplate the concept of collaboration, what comes to mind? Is it simply someone who works well with others? While that is undoubtedly a crucial aspect, collaboration encompasses much more. It embodies a person who fosters a safe and secure environment for sharing, strengthens connections among colleagues, enables collective achievement, and facilitates the transfer of knowledge.

Paul consistently demonstrates these qualities, seamlessly integrating himself into our teams despite belonging to another. His efforts transcend boundaries, making us feel supported, heard, and valued. In return, he earns our admiration and respect.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Paul for his unwavering support and guidance. Whether it’s assisting with tasks or offering a helping hand, Paul approaches every situation with a smile and a positive attitude.

Throughout LGP, numerous accolades for Paul’s contributions abound. He exemplifies the role of dedicated support, embodying the essence of a support champion. Those fortunate enough to collaborate with Paul witness unparalleled quality and customer service.

Unanimously chosen by the LGP Executive Team, Paul receives this award as a testament to his dedication, exemplary attitude, and embodiment of LGP values on a daily basis.

While numerous values could have been recognised, collaboration stands out today as we present the Values Trophy to Paul Youdell.

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