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Time to Review your Operating Lease Services Agreements

Did you know that the LGP Operating Lease Services Contract now covers ICT, Photocopiers, Multi-Function Devices, Printers and other Office Equipment?

Operating Lease Services Contract – LGP1107-3: Vestone Capital has been appointed to provide competitive and fair operating lease services to councils with a range of agreed terms on Benchmark Interest Rate and Rental Pricing Payment Parameters. Vestone Capital was previously known as Macquarie Equipment Rentals, with over 25 years of experience in the Australian market.

The Services will cover:
a) Goods with an aggregate capital cost of approximately $20 million. The exact amount to be leased will be subject to change in accordance with the future budget requirements of councils that enter into Master Lease Agreements with the successful respondent.

b) Goods that fall within the following equipment categories: – Servers, Desktop computers, Notebook/mobile computers, Communications/telephony equipment, Network equipment, Photocopiers, Multi-Function Devices, Printers, Scanners, RFID equipment and other goods for which the lessor is willing to offer leasing finance using tendered rates and residual risk levels.

c) Sale and leaseback of owned equipment as well as the direct leasing of new equipment.

d) The entering of leases on a progressive basis throughout the term of the arrangement.

e) Individual lease terms that could range from 3 years to 5 years or longer depending on the equipment involved and the requirements of the Councils.

The current Operating Lease Services contract expires on 14 September 2022. However, this will be extended for one more year until 14th September 2023. For information on Operating lease services please click here.

Corporate Clothing, Workwear and PPE (LGP219)
LGP219 contract is designed to supply Corporate Clothing, Workwear, and personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff working in a variety of roles to minimise the risk and to ensure health and safety.

Corporate Clothing, Accessories & Footwear:
• Clothing Accessories
• Corporate Footwear
• Knits, Casuals & Polar Fleece
• Other: logo, embroidery, sampling, fitting, etc.
• Separates
• Suiting

Workwear, Footwear & Personal Protective Equipment:
• Hand Protection
• Headwear
• Jumpers, Jackets, Vests & Accessories
• Other: logo, embroidery, sampling, fitting, etc.
• Overalls
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Protective footwear
• Shirts
• Socks
• Trousers, Shorts & Accessories
• Wet Weather Clothing

To view suppliers on this panel, Click here. Please note that Corporate Clothing will use the first optional extension and will run through till 30th September 2023.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Business Development Manager.

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