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Operate Efficiently While Mitigating Risk

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Operate Efficiently While Mitigating Risk

Did you know that LGP helps you get the best advice to operate efficiently while mitigating varied types of risk? We also provide you with a panel of experts to maintain well-oiled operations through our contracts.

Office Supplies and Janitorial now covers Heavy Duty cleaning and Associated products (LGP 1007-3)
The purpose of this contract is to facilitate an Office Supplies and Associated Products contract that will deliver value for money through a combined spend arrangement for NSW councils through LGP.

Scope of Contract:

    • Office Supplies
    • Janitorial Products
    • Stand-alone standard office furniture
    • Other Deliverables (catalogue based)

For more detailed information on the scope of the contract, refer to the Schedule E specification in the Standing Offer Deed via LGP’s e-quotation system, VendorPanel.

Professional Consulting Services (LGP 1208-4)
Each council in New South Wales is individual and unique in the way they operate. However, there are some common requirements and delivery of services to local communities. This contract captures a wide range of Categories and Deliverables relative to Professional Consulting Services.

Scope of Contract:

    • Architectural and Interior Design Services
    • Asset Management Services
    • Building Services Engineering
    • Civil Engineering Services
    • Environmental Services
    • Heritage Conservation and Planning Services
    • Landscape Architecture and Design Services

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