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New Feature Added to LGP Reporting Gateway

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New Feature Added to LGP Reporting Gateway

LGP is excited to introduce you to a new feature to the LGP Reporting Gateway that will transform the way  LGP Approved Contractors manage their key contact details.

This new self-service solution is designed to empower LGP Approved Contractors with seamless and efficient control over their key contacts.

  1. This solution is now embedded into the existing LGP Reporting Gateway allowing for ease of access.
  2. User-Friendly interface to ensure updating and managing contacts is made easy for all users.
  3. Real-Time updates to ensure no missed opportunities due to out-dated information.

Approved Contractors will now be able to assign their organisations key contacts to three contact roles:

  1. Primary Contact: The point of contact between their company and LGP. This person will understand the obligations and workings of the LGP contract.
  2. Reporting Contact: The point of contact who will receive notifications about reporting obligations and report sales activity through the LGP contract.
  3. Invoicing Contact: The point of contact who will receive any invoices. They may be someone in the AP department who may be different to the Reporting Contact.

When a user is logged in to the reporting gateway, they will now have access to the “Update Key Contacts” solution. They will now be able to:

  1. Create a new Primary, Reporting, or Invoicing contact.
  2. Update their existing key contacts.
  3. Remove inactive or expired contacts.

This solution is now LIVE on the LGP reporting gateway for LGP Approved Contractors and can be accessed via:  LGP Supplier Portal – Local Government Procurement – Contractor Reporting Portal

If you require reporting gateway access, please submit your request via email.

At LGP, we’re committed to providing new ways to make a real difference in your business operations by improving your supplier relationship.

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