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NEW CONTRACT – BP8411-2023 Bill Payment Services

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NEW CONTRACT – BP8411-2023 Bill Payment Services

Empower Your Community to Manage Bill Payments with BP8411-2023 Bill Payment Services


Local Government Procurement (LGP), in collaboration with the Municipal Association Victoria (MAV), is excited to announce the addition of an innovative contract to its suite of services: the BP8411-2023 Bill Payment Services. This contract, awarded to Australia Post, offers councils a comprehensive and hassle-free solution for managing bill payments from ratepayers.

Efficiency and Savings

One of the key advantages of this aggregated contract is its ability to streamline bill payment processes for council’s ratepayers. By leveraging various payment channels, including over-the-counter transactions (OTC) at retail outlets, secure telephone payments, online payment gateways, smartphone/mobile technology, and other secure methods as desired, this contract provides an end-to-end solution that ensures convenience and efficiency.

Furthermore, councils can achieve significant cost savings compared to other payment options, thanks to the competitive pricing and efficiencies built into the contract. This means that not only does the BP8411-2023 contract simplify payment management, but it also contributes to prudent financial management for councils.

Scope of Contract

The scope of the BP8411-2023 contract is extensive, covering a wide range of bill payment services to meet the diverse needs of councils and ratepayers. Some key features of the contract include:

  • Over-the-Counter Transactions (OTC): Convenient bill payment options available at retail outlets, providing in-person assistance to ratepayers.
  • Secure Telephone Payments: Hassle-free bill payment via a secure telephone service, ensuring data security and ease of use.
  • Online Payment Gateway Service: A secure online platform for ratepayers to make payments conveniently from anywhere, at any time.
  • Smartphone/Mobile Technology: Integration with secure smartphone/mobile apps for seamless payment experiences on-the-go.
  • Customized Payment Methods: Flexibility for councils to choose additional secure payment methods as per their requirements, facilitated by the supplier.

Options Available

The BP8411-2023 contract offers councils and ratepayers a range of options to enhance the bill payment experience:

  • Billpay Over-the-Counter Convenience: Simplify the payment process with in-person OTC services at retail outlets, ensuring accessibility for all ratepayers.
  • Versatile Payment Solutions: Choose from a variety of payment methods, including Post Billpay in person, online (App and Scan&Pay), and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, catering to different preferences and technological capabilities.
  • Enhanced Flexibility and Security: Enjoy the benefits of secure payment channels, including Post Billpay in person, online (App and Scan&Pay), IVR for payment services, and Interchange plus Secure Online Payment (SOP) service, combining flexibility with robust security measures.

By embracing the BP8411-2023 Bill Payment Services contract, councils can empower their communities with efficient, secure, and user-friendly payment options while driving operational efficiencies and cost savings. This innovative solution reflects LGP’s commitment to delivering value-driven procurement solutions that benefit both councils and the communities they serve.

To view the contract in detail, click here.

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