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Moving into FOGO? LGP Can Help

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Moving into FOGO? LGP Can Help

The NSW Government’s Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041 (WaSM) requires all councils in NSW to provide food and garden organics (FOGO) collections to all of their households by 2030. Some councils already provide FOGO services to their residents, but many others now have less than eight years to work through the complexities of providing this new service.

The good news is that LGP has a range of resources that can help:

1. Planning for FOGO

LGP’s Professional Consulting Services contract (LGP1208-4) has an Environmental Services category which includes a range of services that may be useful:
• Waste Management Services, including domestic bin audits
• Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
• Review of Environmental Factors (REF)

Other categories under the contract that might also be relevant include:
• Planning, design, and development services
• Surveying services
• Risk and safety services

The consultants on the Professional Consulting Services panel can provide a wide range of services within their area of expertise including feasibility studies, investigation and research, stakeholder consultation and engagement and many others.

Some recent FOGO engagements of consultants under LGP1208-4 include feasibility studies, local market analysis, and kerbside bin audits.

LGP also has a Legal Services panel that can be used to obtain legal advice regarding FOGO. It is very important that legal advice is sought in the planning phase to provide advice on environmental issues, procurement and contract structure.

More detailed information can be found in VendorPanel.

2. Procurement

LGP can support the procurement phase of FOGO through our Consulting team with services that can reduce the resource load and risk such as:
– Facilitation of tenders
– Chairing the evaluation committee
– Probity advice and oversight

LGP has experience in assisting councils in facilitating complex procurement processes that include multiple stakeholders, subject matter experts and special interests. Having a 3rd party manage the procurement process enables council staff and stakeholders to safeguard relationships and maintain probity simultaneously and seamlessly.

LGP’s Sustainability Consultants add a layer of expertise in the area of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) that is critical when planning a process that includes waste management.

Additionally, LGP Consulting can provide a range of services to complement your own procurement process. LGP Consulting can provide probity services and evaluation chairperson services to help ensure the integrity of your procurement processes.

3. Supporting your Community

LGP’s Mobile Garbage Bins, and Waste Products and Services contract (NPN111-3) can provide the products you will need to deliver a FOGO service to your community, including MGBs, kitchen caddies, and compostable bin and caddy liners.

If your council is moving or planning to move into FOGO and you’d like to learn more about how LGP can help, please contact your Business Development Manager.

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